Calvin Sparks and the Crossing to Cambria by Rusty Anderson – Guest Post


Calvin SparksCalvin Sparks and the Crossing to Cambria

“I told you,” said Perry. “I told you we’d find it.” Calvin smiled and shook his head at Perry.
“You were right, Calvin,” Anna said, standing in awe. “You were absolutely right.”

For years, Calvin’s grandfather has told him stories about a cabin deep in the woods that holds an amazing secret. Then one day Calvin and his two best friends find the cabin. Inside they discover more than just the world’s coolest clubhouse. This is The Crossing—a magical portal that takes them to another world.

Soon all three are in Cambria, a fantastic world filled with bizarre people, wonderful food, real magic, and even dragons! There Calvin learns that his family has a secret history and he’s swept up in the same dangerous mission that got his father killed thirteen years ago.

Can Calvin, Anna, and Perry stand up to the evil sorcerer Galigore and his grotesque minions? Or is Calvin doomed to follow in his father’s footsteps? This epic adventure story is perfect for kids and parents alike. Full of action, adventure, mystery, and magic, it’s an entertaining read that will keep you guessing.


RustyAuthor Rusty Anderson
Rusty discovered his passion for writing at an early age. When he was in the fourth grade he was given an assignment to write, illustrate, and bind a book. He liked it so much, he wrote three–most of which were pretty awful. One of those books, however, received accolades at a district writing competition. Originally from California, Rusty is no stranger to apple boxes and packaging tape. He attended three different middle schools and two different high schools between California and Utah. He lived in Guatemala, learned to speak Spanish, and eventually made his way back to Utah, where he graduated from the University of Utah. Rusty’s first job out of college was the editor of a monthly Utah newspaper. For the past thirteen years he has been working in marketing and graphic design. On the weekends, Rusty stays up late playing games and watching movies with his family. He and his wife, Jayne, reside in the beautiful mountains in Heber Valley with their six children.

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“I’m Going To Write A Book Someday…”
By Rusty Anderson, Author of Calvin Sparks and the Crossing to Cambria

Decisions are powerful.

I remember the exact moment when I decided to write Calvin Sparks and the Crossing to Cambria. I was driving home from a vacation. My family spent a week with some friends on Lake Powell. The seven-hour drive was always a long one, and I was barely an hour into it.

I was tired. I looked around the car and everyone had zonked out–everyone except for my oldest boy. He was reading Harry Potter for the umpteenth time.

I thought back on the Harry Potter adventure we had taken together. I had read every book to him aloud. More than one million words. Just the two of us. I then thought about my other children. Bedtime usually meant story time. I had shared many made-up tales over the years.

It was in that moment I wondered: Would I be able to write a book my kids would love to read?

I envisioned a book, neatly bound, resting in a family library. I imagined myself reading it to my kids–and one day my grandkids.

It was in that moment I decided that I was going to do it! I would write a book. A book that I would want to read. A story that my kids would want to hear.

Thoughts of wanting to sleep left me entirely. Endless ideas began to run through my mind. The plot became tangible. Characters began to materialize. I imagined what the protagonist would be like. I thought of what the conflict might be.

Before I knew it, I was pulling into the garage. How could six hours have passed by so fast?

I made my way to the computer as quickly as I could and typed up my thoughts while they were fresh in my mind. What seemed like only an hour–actually was three. I had been typing for three hours already?

I was amazed. How could time fly so quickly?

The answer was clear. I was re-discovering a passion of mine that had been left dormant for years. Writing had always been an interest of mine. But now, it was quickly becoming my passion.

I worked on Calvin Sparks for over two years. It represents a piece of my heart. Many hours went into creating it. Calvin Sparks is a story I wrote for me. For my kids. And for anyone else wanting to take the journey with Calvin as he embarks on adventures in the magical world of Cambria.

I have done my best to tell his story. And now I am sharing it with the world.

A couple of important lessons have emerged through this journey. First, the power of choice. I can see how Calvin Sparks could easily not have been written. I could have filled my time doing other things, but would surely not have had much to show for it, except for maybe more sleep. Had I not made that choice to write a story, today I would be saying, “I’m going to write a book someday.”

A second lesson that I learned was that work is not work when passion is there. Writing Calvin Sparks was not a chore…it was fun. Time flies when you’re loving what you’re doing. And when you love what you do, that’s when you’ll produce your best work.

So get out there. Make a choice. And write that book you’ve been wanting to write.