Book Review: Glimmering Light by Margot Hovley

Glimmering Light

Title: Glimmering Light

Author: Margot Hovley

Series: The End Begins #2

Released: April 1, 2014

Publisher: Covenant Communications


Book Description:

In a world torn apart by an unprecedented terrorist attack, Amélie Hatch’s life has been thrown into chaos. Safety is fleeting, and there is no rest for a group of Saints fighting to survive . . . Despite the looming threat of terrorism, Amélie’s safe arrival in Salt Lake City should have been the triumphant conclusion to her harrowing journey. With the promise of a future with her true love, Zack, she finds a glimmer of light amidst the bleak unrest of the nation. But Amélie and Zack quickly realize that their journey is far from finished. With the nation’s power grid still compromised and enemy forces drawing closer, Utah is no longer a safe haven—it’s time to move on. And this time, they find themselves forced apart as they embark on separate missions that will test their endurance and threaten all they hold dear. Amélie can only wonder: does Missouri truly hold the key to their deliverance, or will they be forced to run forever?


Once again my favorite part of this book was that it got me thinking.

Glimmering Light is the 2nd and I believe final book in The End Begins series. This is a tough subject for an author to take on and to be able to write a believable story so I applaud Margot for her efforts.

I liked the characters but struggled a little with the believability factor of the story line. Once again we are reading about Amelie and Zach but this time they are heading from Utah to Missouri. Both are given assignments by the church that they are asked to carry out, This is where I had a hard time with the story as neither task seemed plausible. However I was able to set aside my unbelief and appreciate the rest of the story and circumstances that were unfolding.

This was a touching read that brought tears to my eyes more than once. I liked the parallels that were very similar on several occasions to what the Handcart Pioneers went through while crossing the plains to Utah.

This is LDS fiction.

4 stars

Rating: 4 Stars

Content: Clean

Source: Ebook Review Copy

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  1. This sounds like a great book!