Book Review: Earthquake by Aprilynne Pike


Book Review: Earthquake

Author: Aprilynne Pike

Series: Earthbound #2

Released: July 8, 2014

Publisher: Razorbill


Book Description:

Tavia Michaels has discovered that she’s an Earthbound—a fallen goddess with the power to remake the Earth—and that a rival faction of Earthbounds, the Reduciata, has created a virus that is literally wiping swaths of the planet out of existence.

Tavia is captured and imprisoned before she can act on this information, along with her eternal lover, Logan. Huddled in a claustrophobic cell, they lose track of the days, their attempts to escape proving as ephemeral as Tavia’s newly gestating powers. But then Tavia and Logan are mysteriously rescued. . . .

They’re brought to the underground headquarters of the Curatoria, another group of Earthbounds that Tavia doesn’t fully trust. There, she’s told that she can save the Earth before it disappears. She agrees.

Tavia quickly realizes that she isn’t like other Earthbound, and as her abilities continue to awaken, they begin to threaten her centuries-long relationship with Logan. When Benson—Tavia’s former best friend and romantic interest—appears at Curatoria headquarters, Tavia will again have to make a choice about who to be with even as she tries to stop the virus that is destroying the world and uncover the truth about the two Earthbound organizations that have her tangled up in their webs.


I wish I had waited until the 3rd and final book was out before starting this series.  Too late now but that is what I would recommend if you haven’t yet started the Earthbound series.

Once again I found that Benson is my favorite character. He makes this series for me.

This second book has a lot of twists and turns and you never really know who is a good guy and who is a bad guy. I found myself flying through this story and quite enjoying it.

I’m really not a fan of love triangles and this one doesn’t really work for me as it feels more destiny versus choice. I’m a fan of choosing for yourself and hope the decision she made at the end of this book is one Tavia can stick with cause flip-flopping isn’t working for me.



Rating: 3. 5 Stars – Good Book

Content: Language throughout (so disappointing) & implied sex

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