Book Review: Me Tarzan You Jane by Camelia Miron Skiba

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000040_00002]Title: Me Tarzan You Jane

Author: Camelia Miron Skiba

Release Date: December 6, 2014

Series: None


Book Summary:

Moving on doesn’t always have to mean goodbye.

Widowed makeup artist Jane Sullivan is more comfortable keeping her husband’s memory alive than dating a pool full of sharks. Ella, her 4 year-old daughter, is her whole world.

When Jane meets Lucas Oliver, famous cover model, it’s hate at first sight. His playboy persona rubs her the wrong way.

Accustomed to every woman fawning over him, Lucas is drawn to the shy, uncompromising single mom and completely melts at the sight of Ella. He is determined to convince Jane that sometimes a second chance can mend a broken heart.



Cami is an author who has always been nothing be kind and gracious towards me. She has been a long time participant in my blog tours & hops, and has always offered to help me out whenever I need something. When my life is crazy she is always one to send a message with kind words.

I have wanted to read one of her books for a long time but have never gotten around to it. When I saw the cover and summary for this one I thought I’d take a chance.

I honestly struggled through the first few chapters of this book wondering what I had gotten myself into. Lucas and his entourage of male models and beautiful women seemed to care for little else than drinking and sex. Not my type of book at all. So glad I stuck with it because after the first few chapters I fell in love with the characters and couldn’t put this down.

I loved the friction between Lucas and Jane. Ella was an adorable addition to the story line. There were a few places in the story that could have been a little more polished. This is probably more of a 4 star book but when a book sucks me in and keeps me up at night reading it becomes a 5 star book.

While this book isn’t “squeaky clean” overall the content is fairly mild. There is some language and some sexual content. I wouldn’t give it to my teenager but I personally had no issues with it.

5 stars

Rating: 5 Stars

Content: sexual content throughout but nothing graphically described (implied sex, fade to black). Some language.

Source: review copy

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  1. Kathy,

    I can’t express how much your words mean to me! I’ve known you for many years and cherish your input and wisdom. I found true gems and so many books have found a house on my shelves because of your reviews.
    Thank you for giving Me Tarzan–You Jane a chance. So glad you liked it. I love it when I can truly write a hero that people don’t like much and end up loving him/her. It’s quite a journey but so worth it.
    Sun and smiles from AZ!

  2. Yea!! I felt the same while reading this book! Love it!