Book Review ~ Eve: In the Beginning by H.B. Moore

EveTitle: Eve: In the Beginning

Author: H. B. Moore

Publisher: Mirror Press

Release Date: Nov 22, 2014


Book Summary:

The first love story on earth… Haunting… Lyrical… Unforgettable…

In a world where everything is perfect, yet the same day after day, Eve must decide if she wants to live forever in the garden with Adam and never know what lies beyond the walls. When she makes a choice with terrible consequences, the pain of mortality is swift. As she and Adam explore their new world, and her body changes, Eve discovers the sweetness of first love with the man who has always been at her side.

Cheryls review

Historical Fiction is my favorite genre. I learn so much or just think about things I have never considered before. Heather Moore truly brought my first parents to life for me. She tells us in the author notes at the front that there is so much we don’t know. Heather was not trying to answer unknowns, just trying to help us visualize what life might have been like for Adam and Eve, based on what we do know. This gave me a time to ponder them and their life in ways I have never done before.

I had never considered what season it might be when Adam and Eve are cast out of the garden. I had never wondered how they learned to hunt or protect themselves from the elements. Just spending the time pondering these things was a great learning experience for me. It took me back to the scriptures to reread what we have been taught there. I like how even though the world at that time was so different than it is today, Adam and Eve’s challenges draw many parallels to the challenges we face today. I love how they were willing to sacrifice so much in order to have a family.

5 stars

Rating: 5 Stars! I loved it!!

Content: Clean

Source: ebook for review

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  1. I’m another reader who loves Historical Fiction. What’s not to like? You’re entertained and you’re learning new things about a period in time. Great combination.

  2. Thanks so much for the review!