Book Review: Ruse and Romance by S.G. Rogers

Ruse and RomanceTitle: Ruse & Romance

Author: S.G. Rogers

Publisher: Idunn Court Publishing

Release Date: September 8, 2014

Book Summary:

Unjustly labeled a flirt, Kitty Beaucroft is in need of a fiancé. Lord Philip Butler’s father wants him to settle down before he can become a landowner. With no intention of following through, Kitty and Philip enter into a temporary engagement as a means to an end. Unfortunately, someone knows the truth and is determined to expose them. Will the ruse turn into a romance before it’s too late?


Alisas review

Constance “Kitty” Beaucroft has had 2 seasons and 5 proposals with titles and fortunes. She has turned them all down and has earned the label “flirt.” She has one ball left she can attend before she is shipped off to her grandma’s house so her younger sister can enjoy the rest of the season untainted by her older sister’s reputation as a flirt.

Philip Butler is a second son who champions long shots, ladies and dark horses. He wants to buy one of his father’s properties, but his father won’t even consider it until he attends a ball in London given by his cousin (his father has hopes that he will marry one day, even though he has no plans to).

He’s given up on society. Society has given up on her. One fateful night brings them together. One vengeful suitor who is more interested in revenge than apologies will force them into a “ruse” that will solve one set of problems while creating an entirely different set of problems.

5 stars
Rating: 5 stars

Content: Clean, no swearing

Source: Kindle Unlimited


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  1. ondbookshelf says:

    I got sucked in by that gorgeous cover before I even read your review! Sounds like the book lived up to it. Off to find my wishlist 🙂