Book Review: The Match Maker by Karey White

The Matchmaker final ebook coverTitle: The Match Maker

Author: Karey White

Series: The Husband Maker #2

Released: November 1, 2014


Book Summary:

It’s been six months since Charlotte and Kyle broke up, and the Husband Maker strikes again. Kyle is officially engaged, while Charlotte is still nursing a broken heart.

In an effort to get Charlotte out of her rut, she and her best friend decide it’s time for some good old-fashioned matchmaking. While Aleena arranges for Charlotte to meet up with a handsome Scottish tourist, Charlotte gets her two best friends together. But when sparks start to fly between Aleena and Angus, Charlotte is left feeling more alone that ever–at least until the charming Scotsman becomes more than just a safe, rebound guy and teaches her that maybe, just maybe, she can dare to open her heart again.



Before I even started reading the books in this series I knew the titles and story arc. I knew where Karey was going with this series and was able to be a beta reader for her on the first two books right before they went to print.

I’m one who likes to read blind without even reading book summaries. Knowing where this story line was going made me view these book differently than if I didn’t know what was coming next. Thankfully that didn’t stop me from thoroughly enjoying reading these books.

It reminds me of the rare times I have read a book after having seen the movie. I know what is going to happen so I’m not as likely to get emotionally invested when I know how it is going to turn out.

The following might be spoilerish…

Before I started the first book in this series I knew Charlotte wasn’t going to end up with Kyle. She is after all the “husband maker” so we needed to see her turn Kyle into someone else’s husband. Thus while I really liked Kyle I had no emotional investment into his relationship with Charlotte because I knew he wouldn’t end up with her. Someone else reading that book would have seen it through a totally different lens than I did while reading it.

Same thing occurred when I was reading this book. I knew the very basic outline of what was going to happen.

I honestly still prefer reading blind but that didn’t stop me from loving this book. I didn’t know all the details of how the characters were going to get from point A to point B. Karey writes such likable characters and this book has a great side trip setting in Scotland. I love Charlotte, Flynn, and Angus. Can’t wait to see how the unsettled issues finally get resolved in The Wife Maker.

5 stars

Rating: 5 Stars – I loved it!

Content: Squeaky clean

Source: free ebook in exchange for an honest review

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  1. I love the cover, the blue is stunning. The story sounds great, I will definitely check it out on amazon.

  2. can i still review this book? I read the #1 book and so in love with it and have difficulty of buying the book from Amazon as i’m located in Indonesia.. thanks!

  3. Can I still review this book? I love the first book very much and have difficulty buying the book from Amazon as I’m in Indonesia. thanks!