Book Review: Descendent by Douglas Sharp

Title: Descendent

Author: Douglas Sharp

Publisher: Smashwords

Release Date: October 18, 2014

About the Book:

Llyr Loegaire has recently finished his Initiate trials and been awarded the title of Hunter. His first assignment: Kill a novice magic user on Earth to prepare for his people’s invasion. He feels confident that this will be a quick and easy mission but chance intervenes. How will he complete his mission when he is unable to kill his target?

Rebecca Bray is a teenager with a goal: to become a doctor and to spend her life helping people. She has studied hard to get the best grades and spends her time volunteering. Her life is turned upside down when fate reveals she can use magic. She starts to see creatures that shouldn’t exist and now a strange person, claiming not to be from Earth, says he’s there to protect her from assassins. Her direction in the world has suddenly changed and she must decide who she wants to be.


The first chapter of Descendent is full of emotion. I really related well to Rebecca. She is a very caring person, does not like conflict, but because of her stubbornness often finds herself in the middle of conflict.

When I was Rebecca’s age I was just as stubborn, and it often landed me in huge fights with and standoffs with my brothers. Even though I’d rather have made peace with my siblings, I just had to be stubborn. Thankfully I’ve mostly outgrown that, and I hope as the series go on to see Rebecca do the same.

Rating: 3.5 stares Good book.


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