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Free ebooks in exchange for an honest review

My new site is live! It is still under construct and will be until I get the new graphics back. But it is functioning and starting today all posts about free ebooks in exchange for an honest review will be posted on the new site.

I have 2 more books going up as soon as I can find time to create the sign up forms.  Spell Check by Julie Wright and Proper Attire by Danielle Thorne.  I also have several other books already lined up for next month!!

If you are willing to read great pre-screened books in exchange for a review stop on by and sign up!

Be sure you have signed up to get updates about new books available for review!


  1. I would like to read both Spell Check by Julie Wright and Proper Attire by Danielle Thorne and any new books that come out, thank you for the opportunity Kathy. I subscribed on you new site in order to receive new books. Have a really good day 🙂

  2. I am subscribed and I think this is a great idea of yours. It offers us a bit more freedom than blog tours, especially as some people are usually booked up for review opportunities months in advance. I have signed up for three books and look forward to seeing what more is coming!

  3. Hello, Kathy,

    Sorry to bother you but I have a question for you, in order to read the Behind the Stars book series do we have to have our own blog, facebook and twitter pages? The reason I ask is that I just received an email from Leigh wanting all that information for the cover reveal, therefore I was wondering if she expects you to review on your own sites. If you have any idea about this could you let me know if I am still able to review Behind the Stars. Thank you very much,