How to Find & Use Your Send-to-Kindle Email Address

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Do you know how to send a book directly to your kindle via email?

This is the fastest and easiest way to get a book onto your kindle. You do need to have WiFi access so it can download free of charge.

Here are the steps that work today. Amazon is always changing things so it might be different in the future.

Be sure you are logged into amazon.

1 – In top right corner hover over where it says “Your Account”

Hover Here

2 – A menu will appear – Click on Manage Your Content and Devices (formerly manage your kindle)


3 – Once there click on the “settings” tab.



4 – Scroll down to find where is says Personal Document Settings


Then find where is says “Send-to-Kindle E-Mail Settings”

You can edit that email address to be something different or use what amazon assigned you.


5- To send document directly to your kindle you simply attach the document to an email and send it to that send-to-kindle email address.

The next time you turn your device on while you are in WiFi range the document will download to your kindle.


But first you need to check 2 more things!

On that same page scroll down further to where it says:

“Approved Personal Document E-mail List”

To prevent spam, your Kindle will only receive files from email addresses you have authorized.

You need to add your email address to that list.


Next you need to check one more thing if you have a Kindle with 3G support.  Most of my Kindles (yes I own 4 of them) do not have this feature but my Kindle Keyboard does.  If you have a Kindle with 3G support you will see a place to edit your Whispernet Deliver Options.


Be sure your Maximum Charge Limit is set to ZERO.

If you do not have 3G support you will not see this option.



One of the best features of the send to kindle email address is that you can convert a PDF to a Kindle readable file.

If your document is not already a Kindle File (mobi, azw or prc) you can convert it to Kindle format by simply changing the email subject line to “convert”.  You then send the document to your send to kindle email address and it converts automatically. So cool. I use it all the time for PDF review copies!

Here are a couple links to learn more just in case my instructions are not clear.

Send to Kindle Email

Kindle Personal Documents


  1. Thanks for the info!

  2. I have a “Send to Kindle” app for my Mac. I just drag the files to the app, which wills store my Kindle email for me, it will convert if needed and send right to my Kindle. I don’t know if there is a PC version or not.