Book Review: Playing the Playboy’s Sweetheart by Carol Marinelli

Playing the Playboys sweetheart

Title: Playing the Playboy’s Sweetheart

Author: Carol Marinelli

Series: Stands Alone

Publisher: Harlequin Medical Romance

Release Date: November 1, 2014


Book Summary:

It started with a kiss…

Three years ago nurse Emily Jackson experienced the most earth-shattering kiss of her life…with playboy doc Hugh Linton. But Emily’s heart is off-limits to anyone but her ideal man—and that’s definitely not heartbreaker Hugh!

Until Emily desperately needs a wedding date—a role Hugh will only accept if Emily agrees to play his sweetheart and convince their boss his party days are over! Except Emily must remember she’s only pretending that her heart belongs to Hugh… which gets more difficult every time he kisses her!



This book is set at The Royal Hospital in London so some of the terminology and phrases used are a little different then how we say things here in the US. I actually found this aspect of the book very interesting.

Hugh is a player and known for making his rounds with more than just his patients as it seems every female in the hospital is or has been smitten by him. Knowing this Emily doesn’t dare get close to him and creates a fake boyfriend to keep him away. This works for several years until Hugh finds himself needing to appear as if he’s settled down and left his partying days behind him so he can get a promotion he’s been vying for. Emily agrees to pretend to be his girlfriend so he can get the promotion.

If you’ve read romance you have a pretty good idea where this is headed as sparks start to fly. This book held my interest but won’t make it on to a list of my favorites. There was quite a bit of sexual content in this one. Harlequin’s Medical Romances can vary from fairly intensely passionate to warm and tender. This one tipped a little more towards the intense end of the spectrum.

Rating: 3.5 Stars

Content: innuendo, lots of talk of sex and a couple sex scenes



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