Book Review: A July Bride by Beth Wiseman

July BrideTitle: A July Bride

Author: Beth Wiseman

Series: A Year of Wedding Novellas (Stands Alone)

Publisher: Zondervan

Released: June 24, 2014

Can she forgive the man who left her at the altar?
Alyssa Pennington dated Brendan Myers for three years before she accepted his proposal. For almost a year, Alyssa’s friends and family helped her plan a lovely wedding to take place in the church she’d grown up in. It was the happiest day of her life when she walked down the aisle to be united with the man of her dreams. But when Brendan left her at the altar, Alyssa was consumed by humiliation, embarrassment, and a broken heart that wouldn’t allow her to trust anyone. Especially Brendan.
Brendan Myers knows he will spend the rest of his life regretting what he did to Alyssa, the only woman he’s ever loved. Without her, his life is empty. In one fateful moment, he’d panicked, destroyed their future, and ruined everything. Now he plans to win her back.
But winning back his bride might prove much more difficult than he can imagine. And even if he does get her to the altar again, will she think turnabout is fair play?



A July Bride was enjoyable to read.  The author kept me engaged in the story-line even though the characters were making stupid choices. I knew there must have been a good reason for Brendan to leave Alyssa at the altar and was left waiting and wondering until nearly the end to learn why. His over the top attempts to win her back were fun but I wish we had the chance to see Brendan and Alyssa interact a little bit more.  This a novella that coversa year’s period of time so there is a lot we don’t get to see and there were parts of the story that should have been told that weren’t.

I didn’t like Dalton through most of the book and couldn’t figure out why Alyssa stayed with him. In the end he ended up being the only one with enough backbone to actually make a wise choice despite his previous despicable selfish actions.

Lack of communication certainly caused a lot of heart ache.  I suppose that was part of the point of the book but I found myself wishing that Brendan would have just been honest with Alyssa from the start of his campaign to win her back so that things could have gone in a different direction instead of the characters having to deal with so much unhappiness.



Rating: 3.5 Stars – Good Book


Content: clean but there is mention of sex and cheating

Source: Netgalley


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