Book Review: The Fortune Cafe by Julie Wright, Melanie Jacobson & Heather Moore

Fortune CafeTitle: The Fortune Café

Authors: Julie Wright, Melanie Jacobson & Heather Moore

Series: Tangerine Street Romance (Stands Alone)

Publisher: Mirror Press

Release Date: March 17, 2014 


Book Summary:

MIS-FORTUNE: Emma, a waitress at The Fortune Café will do anything to avoid opening a fortune cookie. Each fortune is rumored to somehow magically come true. Being a girl grounded in reality, she doesn’t have time for that kind of nonsense. But when trying to prevent a food fight at the café, Emma accidently cracks open a fortune cookie: “Look around, love is trying to catch you.” If there is one thing that Harrison, her former best friend in high school is good at, it’s catching her unaware.

LOVE, NOT LUCK: Lucy has always been lucky . . . until her parents meet her fiancé’s parents at a disastrous lunch at The Fortune Café, and she breaks her lucky jade necklace. Even worse, her fortune cookie reveals that “True love is for the brave, not the lucky.” How is she supposed to read that? She’s always considered it lucky how she met her fiancé. But after breaking her necklace, Lucy’s luck takes a dive. And when her fiancé dumps her, the only person she can turn to is Carter, the unluckiest guy she knows.

TAKEOUT: Stella is content in her new life of taking over her mom’s jewelry shop. No more boyfriend to worry about, and as long as she stays busy, she doesn’t have to dwell on her non-existent love life. When Evan comes into the shop with his young daughter, Stella is charmed. But she is reluctant to complicate her straightforward life, so when she reads her fortune after ordering takeout from The Fortune Café, she completely ignores it. After all, how can a fortune as vague as “Do the thing you fear and love is certain,” apply to her?


Cheryls review
Fun! Fun! Fun! What a clever idea! Three stories that all center around this Chinese cafe. It is set in a little tourist town on a California beach. The magic of it is that the first fortune you receive from this cafe comes true. In each story some of the characters from the other stories make an appearance. It is all cleverly tied together. Each story can be read in one evening, but has enough depth to make one feel satisfied. This story was originally released in March for St. Patrick’s day. This works well as the stories have to do with being lucky in love. Intriguing characters and sweet stories!


5 stars


Rating: 5 Stars – I loved it!!!
Content: The 2nd story has 3 mild expletives but otherwise clean.
Source: ebook for review
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  1. I have this book on my wish list, it sounds like a great read!