Picture Book Review: I May Not be the Tallest but… by Dan Jackson

I may not be the tallest

Title: I May Not be the Tallest but… 

Author: Dan Jackson



I May not be the tallest but …. is a children’s book that contains amazing pictures of LIONS with great facts.
The book is intended for those who love lions and for kids. The book can be used as a primary reading book. The book contains a variety of unique and interesting facts about lions that any child would be happy to read.



This book has some great pictures of lions.  The book has real photos with text underneath each picture.  If you have a child interested in lions they would likely enjoy the photos.

Unfortunately the text in the picture book leaves something to be desired.

This book is not well edited.  Here is one example.

I am an adult female… I am called a lioness

I am an adult male am called the lion

This is a needless error that should have been corrected prior to being published.

Also this book starts out following a certain format then somewhere along the way that formatting gets lost.

The first part of the book starts off by stating what the lion is not… followed by what it is.


I am not the loudest… but when I roar I can be heard 5 miles away


If the author had stuck with that format this might work but then we start to see sentences like this…


I am a hunter… but the lioness is a better hunter and does most of the hunting for the pride


Which honestly might work if the author had stuck with stating what a lion was but then then we just get facts…

I’m the only big cat to live in groups



There is potential here but this book is not polished.  As a free download this is worth looking at if you have a young child who would enjoy the pictures of lions but the author needs to rework the text for this to be a book worth purchasing.




Rating: 3 Stars – Worth reading if you are interested in lions

Source: Amazon Freebie