Movie Review: Believe

Believe Movie
In the early 80’s the legendary Manchester United football manager Sir Matt Busby helps a wayward boy fulfill his dream.

Having lived with football all his life and survived the tragic 1958 Munich plane disaster in which 8 of his promising young players were killed, Matt, still haunted by the ghosts of the “Busby Babes” comes out of retirement for one last coaching challenge, to transform a young group of scallywags into a dream team to compete for the upcoming Manchester United Football League Cup.

A funny and touching family film, Believe tells the story of how Matt is finally healed, while continuing to inspire generations of dreamers and leaving the world’s greatest football team as his legacy.




Believe is a heart-warming family friendly movie that is currently being shown in select US theaters.  We watched this as a family for our weekly family night.

It’s a perfect “Sunday” afternoon movie.  It has a great message and a very sentimental feel to it. It is a much slower moving movie and at times a few things that are said with a strong British accent were hard to understand.

My kids were not excited to see this one but agreed to it because it was family night and they weren’t really given another option.  We have a rule that they have to spend at least 30 minutes watching as a family and if they are bored they can then go do something else. Surprisingly they hung in there to the end and ended up liking this one.

This movie has a lower budget independent feel to it. No great special effects, just straight-forward feel good entertainment.

There is some great acting that comes through especially from Brian Cox who plays Matt Busby.

If you enjoy feel good movies and have the patience to endure some slower parts then you should see this movie.  If you only enjoy fast action movies filled with special effects this one probably won’t do it for you. I happen to enjoy this type of movie so this worked for me but I don’t pretend to think everyone will love this one as much as I did.


Source: I received a “screener” copy of this film on DVD for review purposes.


  1. I loved it! My kids didn’t watch it with me, but I thought it was so heartwarming. I loved hearing about Matt Busby. Since I don’t follow soccer, it was a totally new story to me.