Book Review: The Secret Bliss of Calliope Ipswich by Marcia Lynn McClure

secret blissTitle: The Secret Bliss of Calliope Ipswich

Author: Marcia Lynn McClure

Series: Three Little Girls Dressed in Blue #2

Released: August 18, 2014


Book Excerpt: 

Blanche’s pretty forehead puckered with a slight frown. “You don’t like Fox as much as he likes you, do you, Calliope? You’re not in love with him.” 

Calliope silently scolded herself for having let her countenance and words reveal her secret to Blanche. The truth was that she was not as sweet on Fox Montrose as he was on her. Yet there were secrets in her heart that could never be revealed to anyone—not even to Blanche, not even to Calliope’s own sisters. 

Therefore, she chose a counter maneuver with which to distract Blanche and said, “Oh, I adore Fox! I just think these things may take time, you know, for me to…to…” 

“To really fall in love with him, you mean,” Blanche finished. 

“Yes. Perhaps that is what I mean,” Calliope responded. 

Yet as they neared the Montrose house, trepidation welled up in Calliope’s bosom, for she knew that if she hadn’t fallen in love with Fox Montrose by now, she never would. Furthermore, she didn’t want to. 

A secret bliss was nestled deep inside Calliope Ipswich. It had been nestled there from nearly the moment the Ipswich family had arrived in Meadowlark Lake all those months past. And though it was a bliss she owned in knowing something about herself that even her own sisters did not know, it likewise brought her pain at times—for it was the very reason she knew she would never fall in love with Fox Montrose. Calliope’s love was already spoken for—and no one in all the wide world, save Calliope Ipswich herself, would ever know it. 


Cheryls review
Cute, light read, and completely adorable. Marcia’s books are always a bit of an escape from reality. This one is especially so. Calliope is a sweet, fun loving character who wants everyone to be happy. She plans a Tom Thumb wedding to cheer the town up and help them overcome fears of the past. The concept of a Tom Thumb wedding is completely new to me. Marcia talks about how they originated in her author notes. A very cute concept. This story has Marcia’s signature swoonworthy hero with his own backstory to add drama. This story is the middle of a trilogy about the Ispwicb girls. I look forward to the last book of the trilogy coming out soon!


5 stars

Rating: 5 Stars – I loved it

Content: mild language and passionate kissing

Source: Review copy

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  1. Such a wonderful review, this trilogy sounds really great!