Book Review: A Passion for Cleo by Shannon Guymon

Passion for CleoTitle: A Passion for Cleo

Author: Shannon Guymon

Series: Love and Flowers #3

Released: August 30, 2014


Book Summary:

Cleo McCarthy is a free spirit who loves nothing more than to help her friends and have a little fun while she’s at it. When Rayne and Ivy Nyman hire her to be their bodyguard and move to Fircrest, Washington, she jumps at the chance for a little adventure. But after watching Ivy get shot and ending up in a car crash with Rayne that leaves her injured and traumatized, the quiet life begins to look better and better. Peace and quiet doesn’t last long though when Asher Murphy and Tai Matafeo both decide to claim her heart. Cleo soon finds out that love is the best adventure there is. But when the threat that hangs over Rayne and Ivy drags her back into danger, Cleo will be left wondering if she’ll be able to survive long enough to enjoy the love she’s found.




A Passion for Cleo nicely wrapped up the Love and Flowers Trilogy.  You definitely don’t want to start with this book as we are introduced to the characters in the previous books.  Although you can start with Love and Flowers #1: Falling for Rayne, I highly suggest starting with the very first book set in Fircrest – You Belong With Me.

Shannon pumps these books out fast. She’s releasing one every month or two which makes me happy.  She’s a great storyteller and I’m always amazed at how much I enjoy these stories.

I honestly love escaping into Shannon’s books.  They are always squeaky clean and have the most amazing male leads.  I just read there will be another series set in Fircrest called Love and Weddings.  I am looking forward to returning to Fircrest. Oddly enough I hope to read Pule’s story sometime soon.  Who would have thought he’d ultimately become someone I would want to read about. Here’s hoping there are lots more Matafeo boys to read about in the future!

5 stars

Rating: 5 Stars – I loved it.

Content: Clean

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