Book Review: Moon Over Montana by Caroline Fyffe

Full moon and cloudy skyTitle: Moon Over Montana
Author: Caroline Fyffe
Series: McCutcheon Family Series
Publisher: Caroline Fyffe
Release Date: August 15, 2014

Book Summary:

Y Knot, Montana Territory, 1886

The long-awaited wedding date has finally been set, but when a young Cheyenne woman shows up in the loft of her family’s barn, life as Charity McCutcheon knew it is thrust into chaos. Secrets her parents and brother Luke have held now explode with the power to shake her foundations.

When Brandon Crawford, Charity’s intended and sheriff of Y Knot, is drawn away by the haunting memory from a tragic event that happened over fifteen years ago, the couple faces the first test of their love. Will fate rip them apart?


Cheryls reviewCan Charity and Brandon set their conflicts aside and build a marriage worth waiting for?

Heart-felt, charming, and a journey of true love, Moon Over Montana, Book Five of the McCutcheon Family Series continues the sweeping McCutcheon Family saga set in the 1800’s Wild West.


As with the earlier books in this series, I loved it! What an amazingly strong family and so much fun! Wonderful to be reunited with these characters and to meet some new ones too. Charity and Brandon have such strong personalities. Always ready to stand up for someone in need, they are quick to face the challenges that cross their path. They are spunky and love one another fiercely. If only they can keep their strong personalities from coming between them. Fox Dancing is a beautiful addition to the McCutcheon Clan. She adds more depth to Luke’s story and brings a fire all her own. I hope Fox Dancing and others from her tribe continue to make appearances in this series. As always, I look forward to more from Caroline Fyffe!

5 stars

Rating: 5 Stars – I loved it!!!
Content: 1 mild swear word
Source: ebook for review

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