Book Review: Love Bites by Ophelia London

Love BitesTitle: Love Bites

Author: Ophelia London

Series: A Sugar City Novella that stands alone

Release Date: August 18, 2014


Book Summary:

Falling in love is like swimming with sharks…

Sharona Blaire is only in Australia for a business audit, but she’s determined to make the most of her one free night. So when she spills her drink on a handsome stranger and they end up flirting, she does something completely out of character—she kisses him. But the prospect of taking it further totally freaks her out…almost as much as discovering the next morning that the man she’s auditing is the sexy, tanned stranger she left with zero explanation.

An audit during his crew’s most important expedition yet is a complication marine biologist Jeff Cruz doesn’t need—especially when the auditor is the gorgeous, fascinating woman from the night before. Out at sea with nowhere to run, he’s forced to admit Sharona draws him in like a shark to blood. But Jeff’s one passion is his job, and nothing—not even love—will get its hooks in him…



I love to read clean romance.  I don’t want the details, I much prefer scenes to fade to black and have the door close. Entangled’s Bliss line always closes the door but the problem with this line of book is that you never know how much lead up and foreplay you will get before the door closes. Some of their titles are squeaky clean and others push the limits. They are cute, quirky, quick reads that usually have an enjoyable story line so I keep reading these titles hoping the next one will be one I love.

Loved Bites pushed the limits.  There was a lot of innuendo, roaming hands and foreplay described.  It didn’t cross the line into their “Red Hot Bliss” line of books but it had more content than the previous books of Ophelia’s that I have read and loved. The entire book took place over the course of little more than 24 hours. Within 24 hours of actually meeting the main characters are sleeping together.  That’s not a lot of time for anything more than lust and desire to develop which is probably what turned me off and lowered my overall opinion of the book.

I really liked the shark elements of the story and was interested in the little mystery as to what was going on and what secrets were being kept hidden.  I’ve read several of Ophelia’s books and she manages to hook me and keep me reading every time.

If you read typical romance this will be mild to you and you will probably wonder what my issue is.  If you are a squeaky clean reader this one is probably not for you.


Rating: 3 Stars – Worth reading

Content: insta-love which felt more like insta-lust (the whole book takes place in little more than 24 hours), lots of innuendo, no actual sex scene but lots of lead up to it, sexual tension, foreplay and some language.

Source: Netgalley

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