Book Review: Finding Daddy Warbucks by David Hwa

Finding Daddy warbucksTitle: Finding Daddy Warbucks

Author: David Hwa

Publisher: Wellworth Publishing

Release Date: May 13, 2014

Book Summary:

After the death of her father, 10-year-old Hayley finds the fabric of her family crumbling. In a desperate attempt to make things right, she manipulates an unsuspecting attorney into setting up her mother with his biggest client, a modern day prince.

Then, when life deals her plans an unexpected blow, she must risk everything to bring back the one person who can save her family .

But blocking her path awaits a dark secret buried deep within her soul, a secret that she dare not reveal, even to herself.

This was a very interesting book. I thought the premise, and plot were refreshing – the daughter trying to set up the mother – not a take I’ve found in matchmaking books before. I just didn’t really connect with this book though. It’s written well, but yet I didn’t find it “believable”. Usually I find that problem when it’s a fantasy book, but this is not. It’s the type of story that could happen, but doesn’t.

I look forward to seeing more of Mr Hwa’s books, but I would suggest to him, he try and focus his readership. For the most part I would recommend this to pre-teens/teens. Except at certain parts the discussions, or scene set up is more adult – with plentiful of drinks, and talk of “entertaining beautiful women”, it lost the young readership.

This is a story that pulled at my heart though, and I liked that. I felt a connection to the characters and the pain one feels inside during any hard trial. We all blame ourselves at some point for something that really is out of our control. When that occurs we just need to let out some emotion. It’s OK to cry.

Rating: 3.5 stars. A good book (and quick too)
Content: mild language, scattered here and there. Vague adult talk – things like “entertaining beautiful women”, and an unmarried man helping a woman with her dress zipper
Source: New Shelves Distribution
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