Yes I won the All Expenses Paid Cruise… Thanks Q Sciences!! (+ Qssentials Giveaway)


For those who are wondering… Yes I won!  But since this is a review blog focused mainly on books I posted about the cruise on my personal blog instead of this one.

If you are interested you can read about it here:

The cruise was sponsored by QSciences.

I love the company and products. I’m passionate about them because I have seen them change lives.  I love watching the testimonials by the people I know because I know they are real life changing stories.

I know Joe & Denise…

I know Celeste…

I know Melanie…

Melanie Houghton – A Brighter Future from Q Sciences on Vimeo.


These stories are real, their lives have been changed!


If you want to know more please contact me but again since this blog is mostly about books I won’t be putting up any more posts about Q96 on this blog after tomorrow.

If I could afford it I would send out a FREE sample of Q96 to every follower of my blog.  I would beg you to try it for just a week and see if you notice a difference. The potential to change your life for the better is in this little blue box.  


I did send out 20 free samples today to blog followers who had requested a sample and I have another 20 to giveaway… then my budget is spent for this month.  If you want to know more PLEASE contact me.

Does this product work for everyone… honestly no it doesn’t. But it does help the vast majority of people who try it.  Take it everyday – most people start by taking 2 capsules with breakfast then 2 with dinner.

EMPowerplus Q96 changes lives and that is why I hope you will take a few minutes to learn more!


20 FREE sample Giveaway (US only)

To be entered to win a sample simply enter your information into the form found on this page:

I also have a great giveaway for a

Box of Qssentials (retail value $148.95 – US only)

Qssentials is specially formulated for the individual needs men and women. Qssentials provides a comprehensive daily dose of our core foundational wellness formulas, packaged for on-the-go convenience. Each individual formula offers a specific health benefit, but when taken together, the sum combination of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and herbs works synergistically to purify, optimize and protect both mind and body.

Qvitalize–an herbal and amino acid blend for optimal vitality and energy
Q96–a proprietary formula for optimal mood stability and brain function
Qbiotics–a patented, controlled release probiotic for optimal digestive health
Q10+–a proprietary anti-aging health supplement for optimal, healthy aging

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks for listening to me talk about something besides books… now back to book blogging.  I better get my Clear Your Shelf post posted!!


Disclaimer: I am Q Sciences IBO. I currently share Q Sciences’ products with my friends and family and can receive a small commission on each bottle sold but I usually sell it to them at my cost and giveaway tons of “free” samples which I pay $10 for.


  1. cindyzs/freespiritczs says:

    i entered for the samples…..i need something to help me badly….i am a complete mess… thanks

  2. Congrats on the cruise ! I believe you with the product, sadly, the necessary vitamins and minerals can hardly be found any longer in our food ! (except organic)