Book Review: Sealed with a Kiss (Inspy Kisses Collection #2)

Sealed with a KissTitle: Sealed with a Kiss

Author: Janet Tronstad, Margaret Daley, Camy Tang, Lacy Williams

Publisher: Inspy Kisses LLC

Release Date: July 29, 2014


Book Summary:


A new anthology from some of your favorite inspirational authors–no reprints here!

Enjoy this collection of love stories with a theme of “love letters”. The SEALED WITH A KISS anthology includes:

From USA TODAY and Publisher’s Weekly Bestselling Author Janet Tronstad comes a new historical romance Mail-Order Sunshine Bride
When mail-order bride, Eleanor O’Reilly, arrives in the Montana Territory the only one on the railway platform to greet her is a dangerous-looking man who claims to be the sheriff. Where is her intended husband? Janet Tronstad delights readers with another of her popular mail-order bride stories.

From #1 Amazon Bestselling Author Margaret Daley comes a new romance suspense Deadly Intent
Texas Ranger Sarah Osborn is sent to investigate the kidnapping of a prize stallion from the Shamrock Ranch, owned by Ian O’Leary, an ex-FBI agent and Sarah’s high school sweetheart. Someone from Ian’s past has a grudge against him and intends to make him suffer. Can Sarah help Ian find who wants him dead?

From award-winning author Camy Tang comes a new romantic suspense Unshakeable Pursuit
A mysterious young woman warns Dr. Geoffrey Whelan and nurse Maylin Kinley that they are in mortal danger, and then two Asian hit men attack them at the children’s clinic where they work. Geoffrey and Maylin run for their lives, determined to figure out who is after them and why. When they discover the threat is connected to a young teenager whose life they saved, they must race to stop the person who wants them dead—before everyone they care about is caught in the crossfire.

From fan favorite Lacy Williams comes a new contemporary western romance With Love, Cowboy
When the love of his life is injured in combat, Ryan Michaels promises himself he won’t let any more time go by without declaring his love. Veteran Ashley Reynolds returns home a changed woman, but is she ready to see the truth about the cowboy she left behind?

Alisas review
I am not sure if I have read any books by these authors before so this was a great surprise — I will definitely read more books from all 4 of these authors in the future. This book is a collection of 4 short stories by 4 different authors:

Mail Order Sunshine Bride by Janet Tronstad
Nellie is a 24-year-old widow from Boston who comes on the train with her 4-year-old son to Montana Territory to marry Elias Henderson. Instead of meeting the loving man she was expecting, she is met by Patrick MacDonald, the sheriff. Apparently Elias had wagered his sunshine bride away in a poker game that he was sure he was going to win, and the sheriff is trying to sort it all out — without losing his own heart to the sunshine bride. Nellie’s first marriage was to a man who valued drinking, gambling and fancy women more than family and so she doesn’t trust herself to marry for love again.

Deadly Intent by Margaret Daley
Sarah Osborn and Ian O’Leary were in love once upon a time. Until Ian joined the FBI and ran away to Houston to keep the country safe from tourists. Now Sarah has been a Texas Ranger for 15 years and Ian has come back to run his family ranch. Sarah is asked by the sheriff to investigate Ian’s stolen stallion because the sheriff suspects there is more to the case than just a stolen horse. Sarah can’t shake the feeling that they are missing something on the case, and it isn’t long before they discover how much danger they are really in. Can Sarah and Ian save each other?

Unshakable Pursuit by Camy Tang
Maylin Kinley is a nurse who feels like she doesn’t belong anywhere. Geoffrey Whelan is doctor who needs to heal; he has never recovered from the time he spent in Japan when the tsunami took the lives of some of his family members. One day Geoff receives a warning that he and Maylin need to disappear. Before he even has a chance to tell Maylin they are told the FBI wants to talk to them… Before they know it they are on the run trying to figure out who is after them and why, and trying to stay alive! This was an action-packed story. I felt like I was in the story with Geoff and Maylin trying to figure out why anyone was after them and then trying to figure out how to stop them.

With Love, Cowboy by Lacy Williams
Ryan Michaels has driven the same truck for 10 years, worked at the same job since he was in high school, and loved the same woman for 12 years. He has loved Ashley Reynolds since he was 14 years old and she was 16 years old. But Ashley has never taken him seriously. And she has grossly underestimated him. Ashley joined the Marines, but when she survives a roadside bombing she loses her arm and her identity as a soldier. When she returns home, Ryan meets her at the airport with lots of surprises for her. Ryan is a man on a mission… he plans to make her fall in love with him, even if there are more roadblocks than he had planned on.


5 stars


Rating: 5 stars
Content: Clean, no swearing
Source: NetGalley

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