Book Review: The Foundation Trilogy by Isaac Asimov

The Foundation Trilogy (Foundation, #1-3)Title: The Foundation Trilogy

Author: Isaac Asimov

Series: The Foundation Trilogy: #1- Foundation, #2- Foundation and Empire, #3 Second Foundation

Publisher: Doubleday & Company, Inc.

Release Date: 1951


Book Summary:


FOUNDATION begins a new chapter in the story of man’s future. As the Old Empire crumbles into barbarism throughout the million worlds of the galaxy, Hari Seldon and his band of psychologists must create a new entity, the Foundation-dedicated to art, science, and technology-as the beginning of a new empire.

FOUNDATION AND EMPIRE describes the mighty struggle for power amid the chaos of the stars in which man stands at the threshold of a new enlightened life which could easily be destroyed by the old forces of barbarism.

SECOND FOUNDATION follows the Seldon Plan after the First Empire’s defeat and describes its greatest threat-a dangerous mutant strain gone wild, which produces a mind capable of bending men’s wills, directing their thoughts, reshaping their desires, and destroying the universe

I really enjoyed reading these books. I’ve wanted to read books by Isaac Asimov for a long time, and I was not disappointed. These books are brilliant and well planned out. Things fit together nicely. There were a lot of surprises, and these books kept me guessing throughout. Familiar names popped up throughout the books giving them a sense of continuity and familiarity. There were some wonderful characters. I especially like Arkady in the last book of the trilogy. As I put together this review, I discovered that more books had been added to this series later on. I hope to one day read those books as well.
Rating: 4.5 stars – Highly Recommend
Content: overall I’d consider these books fairly clean, Foundation – a dozen mild swear words, smoking of cigars; Foundation and Empire – a couple mild swear words, smoking and drinking and a little womanizing; Second Foundation – a couple swear words, a mistress
Source: my husband’s copy
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  1. I read I, Robot, but I have not read these. I should give them a try.

  2. I’ve never read his sci-fi books, amazingly. But I did enjoy, a very long time ago, his Tales of the black widowers 🙂

  3. I was in my early 30s when I finally read this trilogy. One of the best I’ve read. I also like how the study of history (I think it’s called psychohistory in the books) played very heavily on how the leaders of the societies made their choices when faced with various crises.

  4. S. J. Pajonas (spajonas) says:

    These are some of my favorite scifi books! If you liked these, read the Robot mysteries too, starting with Caves of Steel. Then when you go further into the Foundation series, Foundation and Robots, meets up with the Robot mysteries! It’s really fulfilling.