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Bonds of Loyalty



Bonds of Loyalty coverTitle: Bonds of Loyalty

Author: Jennifer K. Clark, Stephonie K. Williams

Publisher: Covenant Communications

Release Date: August 2014

Book Summary:
“It shall be the son, the firstborn in the new monarchy, who shall quiet the fears and unite the nation again.”

The infamous prophecy declaring that the firstborn would be a boy is the last thing Sarah wants to deal with. As if being newly engaged isn’t difficult enough, she’s still coming to terms with the fact that the first eighteen years of her life were a farce. The prophecy—the reason she had been secreted away from her family and her royal heritage to begin with—wasn’t supposed to disrupt her life any more than it previously had. But when unexpected events force her to leave her fiancé, Prince Alexander, Sarah must return to her home country of Kyrnidan to face her destiny.

Reunited with her royal family, Sarah is thrust into the political turmoil that surrounds her ancestral home. To make things worse, her arrival has upturned the long-held prophecy.
As the voices of distension mount against her, Sarah turns to her bodyguard, Luther, for protection. But Luther’s protection comes with a price. Propelled into a plot that threatens her life and the welfare of the entire kingdom, Sarah must determine where her love and loyalty truly lie. Torn between two men, she will now have to face her fears and undertake a journey of self-discovery that will change the fate of a nation….

Cheryls review

Loved, loved, loved this book! I was given an e-book of this story in exchange for an honest review. The publisher contacted me about doing a blog tour. I was not familiar with the authors or the previous book in this series. However – I liked the sound of it and I trusted the publisher. So, I gave it a try. SO glad I did. I think I picked up on most of what happened in the previous book. I really like stories of princesses and kingdoms and all that goes on there. This one drew me in. I was impressed how one of the biggest obstacles that needed to be overcome was our heroine’s own insecurities. As she gained confidence in herself many of the other challenges she faced resolved themselves. There were many twists and turns. I read way too late into the night to find out how everything was resolved. I just couldn’t put it down. I loved how the heroes solved the problems in the end. I loved watching the characters grow closer to one another as they learned more about themselves. I look forward to more from these authors!!!!!!

5 stars

Rating: 5 Stars – I loved it!
Content: clean
Source: ebook for review
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About the Authors

Jennifer K. Clark lives in the small rural town of Wellington Utah, as much as her husband wishes it was Wellington New Zealand. After years of entertaining her three children with infamous made-up stories, she decided to put her imagination to good use and became an author. She likes to add a touch of romance to her novels along with a healthy dose of adventure. Fueled by Lindt Chocolate Truffles and Sour Patch Kids, she now spends a copious amount of time with the characters in her head. In her spare time she likes to create science experiments with the ingredients in her potions cupboard, debate which Doctor is her favorite (currently the 10th…or maybe the 11th), and—when she has time—watches the A&E version of Pride and Prejudice.

Stephonie K. Williams makes her home in a quaint farming town in eastern Iowa with her husband, three cats, and a budding ninja. Two of her favorite things in Iowa are the fireflies (aka lightning bugs) and cows, especially the calves. Despite having lived there for 15 years she still misses the majesty and tranquility of the mountains of Utah where she grew up. She has a vast collection of fortune cookie fortunes because she has yet to determine if it is unlucky to throw them away. She also loves to quill, the art of rolled paper, not to be confused with quilting.

Stephonie is passionate about education and enjoys visiting schools to teach classes on creative writing. She has written poetry, short stories, and dissertations, although Mark of Royalty was the first of her work that she was brave enough to submit for publication.


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