Christmas in July Giveaway – 3 Winners!!

Christmas in July Giveaway Hop

Christmas in July Giveaway Hop

Hosted by I Am A Reader, Not A Writer & Laurie Here
July 22nd to 31st

(3 giveaways, 3 winners, 3 separate rafflecoper forms)


  • All I Want – Ebook (Open Internationally)


Pretty Near Perfect by Jolene Perry

The last thing Norah needs is to be attracted to anyone – especially in her deceased fiancé’s parents’ home. Collin’s starting a new career, and has no business getting involved – especially while staying with his roommate’s family, who very kindly offered to take him in for the holidays. Unfortunately, you just don’t always pick the most convenient time and place to fall for someone.

Six Days of Christmas by Kaylee Baldwin

When Natalie goes home with her best friend for Christmas, she expects plenty of quiet time to work on a winning ad so she can turn her dream internship into her dream job. Instead, she gets time-consuming Christmas festivities, a house full of children, and Jimmy, her best friend’s brother – someone who makes her question everything she’s always thought she wanted.

Twist of Fate by Rachael Anderson

When a postcard meant for Kenzie winds up in Ty’s mailbox, Ty’s faced with a decision. Should he tell her that her fiancé is breaking up with her and let it ruin her favorite holiday, or should he do what he’s wanted to do since he met her – make a move and hope that he can win her over before she discovers there won’t be a wedding after all?


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    • Take a Walk with Me by Marcia Lynn McClure (Ebook Open Internationally – Paperback Open to US only)


Take a Walk with Me by Marica Lynn McClure 
Take a Walk with Me

“Grandma?” Cozy called as she closed the front door behind her. She inhaled a deep breath—bathing in the warm, inviting scent of banana nut bread baking in the oven. “Grandma? Are you in here?”  “Cozy!” her grandma called in a loud whisper. “I’m in the kitchen. Hurry!”  Cozy frowned—her heart leapt as worry consumed her for a moment. Yet, as she hurried to the kitchen to find her grandma kneeling at the window that faced the new neighbors yard, and peering out with a pair of binoculars, she exhaled a sigh of relief.  “Grandma! You’re still spying on him?” she giggled.  “Get down! They’ll see us! Get down!” Dottie ordered in a whisper, waving one hand in a gesture that Cozy should duck.  Giggling with amusement at her grandma’s latest antics, Cozy dropped to her hands and knees and crawled toward the window.  “Who’ll see us?” she asked.  “Here,” Dottie whispered, pausing only long enough to reach for a second set of binoculars sitting on the nearby counter. “These are for you.” She smiled at Cozy—winked as a grin of mischief spread over her face. “And now…may I present the entertainment for this evening…Mr. Buckly hunk of burning love Bryant…and company.”

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  1. Happy Christmas in July!

    Thank you for the giveaway. You can check out my Christmas in July Giveaway here.

    E.J. Stevens
    Author of the Spirit Guide and Ivy Granger series

  2. Kathy Heare Watts says:

    Thank you for being part of the blog hop!