Book Review: The Troubleman: Can A Marriage of Convenience Really Work? by Patricia Costa Viglucci

21954570Title:  The Troubleman: Can A Marriage of Convenience Really Work?

Author: Patricia Costa Viglucci

Publisher: Stone Pine Books, an imprint of Patri Publications

Release Date: Apr 13,2014


Book Summary:

Cordelia Browne, newly engaged to handsome congressional aide David Rodgers, can’t figure out why she should be experiencing an uneasy feeling. As it turns out, there is good reason for her anxiety. Corrie’s fiancé, who at the moment is out west, and her scheming cousin, Valerie, were married in the wee hours in Las Vegas! To escape the gossip, Corrie flees to an isolated family retreat in the mountains to lick her wounds and spare Val’s parents ( Corrie’s kind aunt and uncle) more pain and mortification. To the rescue comes her arch enemy, company troubleshooter, Matt Cade, who proposes a way for her to save face. “Marry me,” he says. “But you hate me!” is her response. “Do I?” he asks. T here is another problem. Is Matt Cade really who he says he is? And, despite the proposal, does he love someone else?

Cheryls review

Fun marriage of convenience story that keeps the bride and groom wondering if they are really loved by the other. I especially like the first half to two thirds of the story. Cute and fun. The lodge where he proposes is a beautiful setting. I love the apartment that she decorates and their trip to Toronto. I got a little exasperated by her perceptions of the marriage by the the end. It was hard to believe that she couldn’t see how much he loved her. Still, it was fun to watch them finally learn to communicate in the end!

Rating: 4 stars – Great Book
Content: Mild language and closed door sex scene between a married couple
Source: Ebook for review

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  1. I love the cover of this book and the story sounds great!