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Into the BlindInto the Blind by Helen Rena

Fifteen-year-old Ever can’t create worlds or raise the dead, but she can make people believe she’s able to do it. She can make people worship her, follow her, die for her. And that is not something she should do, in the opinion of her boyfriend Fox. Not unless she wants to turn evil.

But as the two try to escape from the people who kidnapped and imprisoned them, Ever starts doubting Fox. Should she really never use her talent? Maybe doing it just one time won’t hurt…



Interview with Ever from Into the Blind by Helen Rena



Helen: Hi, Ever.


Ever: Hi, Helen.


Helen: Thank you for talking to me today. Here’s my first question. How—


Ever: No way. I ask first. Why did you make me all-powerful?


Helen: Well, I thought it was a nice gift to have. And besides, I really wanted to read a story about an all-powerful female, but I couldn’t find one, so I wrote about you.


Ever: Really? Not a single story?


Helen: Well, okay, okay, I’m not absolutely sure about this. I only have one Ph.D., so—


Ever: Never mind. Next question. So you made me all-powerful, fine, but why give me a boyfriend who objects to powerful women?


Helen: Well, it seemed like a cool predicament.


Ever: Cool? Are you out of your mind?


Helen: Me? No, I don’t believe so. However, one must remember that writing fiction in principle is a form of socially acceptable schizophrenia, therefore—


Ever: Forget about it. Better tell me this. At the beginning of your book, I don’t have any power. I can’t do anything. I’m just locked up in a bookstore at the mercy of a human-trafficking gang. Why?


Helen: Well—


Ever: Don’t tell me it seemed like a cool predicament.


Helen: Mmm…


Ever: You’re hopeless. But fine, whatever. Here’s what I want you to remember, though. If you write a sequel about me—and I know you’re scribbling something—I want a nice life. All smooth sailing. Understood?


Helen: No. Wait. True, there is no consensus on what constitutes a plot in a work of fiction, but at its most basic, a story must have a protagonist who gets in trouble.


Ever: Well, then you have a cool predicament on your hands, don’t you? Well, I better get going. It’s a busy life being Almighty.


Helen: Well, thank you. For not answering my questions.


Ever: Anytime, Helen. Anytime.


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HelenAuthor Helen Rena

Helen Rena loves reading and writing novels. And short stories. And flash fiction. She has a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature, and a vast collection of books and green bottles. She is still not sure why green bottles. She lives in Southern Oregon with her husband and two children.

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