Book Review: High Button Shoes by Margareet Brownley

High Button Shoes

Title: High Button Shoes

Author: Margaret Brownley

Publisher: Ten Talents Press

Release Date: April 10, 2013
Book Summary:

A feisty widow; a dashing outlaw—something’s definitely afoot.
The Widow
Beautiful Maggie Turner was the soul of respectability, determined to earn an honest living for herself and her town children in rough and tumble nineteenth century California.

The Outlaw
Dominick Sanders was shrouded in mystery, known to Maggie as the notorious Kissing Bandit—a man who kissed the women in the stages he robbed! It was enough to make Maggie’s blood boil—and heart pound faster.

The Marriage.
But now these two are thrown together in a mock marriage designed to deceive the world. Maggie has no choice but to play along—or else risk losing everything she’s ever worked for, including the man she has no business loving.


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Maggie Turner is a respectable widow moving her two young children to Santa Barbara in hopes that it will improve the health of her young son. She happens to be on the same stagecoach as “The Kissing Bandit” – who has been taken into custody. When the stagecoach has an accident she and her children depend on “The Kissing Bandit” to help them survive and make it to Santa Barbara. She knows there is more to Dominick Sanders, but she can’t quite figure him out – or stop herself from being attracted to him!

Dominick Sanders is an investigator trying to find The Kissing Bandit, and Sheriff Eugene Badger is their chief suspect. Dominick was posing as The Kissing Bandit (when he met Maggie) so he would be incarcerated in the Santa Barbara jail to keep his eye on the sheriff. Because his partner died in the stagecoach accident he needs a new cover – and decides that posing as Maggie’s husband will be the perfect cover! Only Maggie isn’t as cooperative as he would like — especially because she believes he’s the outlaw! But he always manages to stay one step ahead of her…

I thought the chemistry between Dominick and Maggie was fun, and it was sweet to see him interact with her children. I would definitely read more from this author!

5 stars

Rating: 5 stars
Content: Very Clean