Book Book Review: The Crimson Brand by Brian Knight

Title: The Crimson Brand (#2 in series)

Author: Brian Knight

Series: The Phoenix Girls

Publisher: JournalStone

Release Date: March 14, 2014


Book Summary:

The Phoenix Girls return to Aurora Hollow to learn more powerful, more difficult magic. Their strange companion and teacher, Ronan, increasingly demands more of them, even as he tracks down dangerous magical relics to close doors on trouble before it ravages Dogwood.

But closed doors never remain closed. Ready or not, the girls must defend Aurora Hollow and themselves. New friends, new enemies, and new monsters join the mystical mayhem as an old threat returns to Dogwood with a new goal: to destroy THE PHOENIX GIRLS.

The Crimson Brand is book two in The Phoenix Girls series and I really enjoyed it.  Adventure, friendship, monsters and magic contained within.  While I had read the first book, I feel you could read this book without reading the first one.  If you’ve read the first one, you would get a better feel of the characters and more understanding of the story.  However, I feel that you can still enjoy this book without reading the first.  I also like that it had an ending without being a cliff hanger, so I’m not frustrated while waiting for a year while the third book get released!

I really enjoyed the continuation of the story line, the growth of the characters, the involvement and mystery surrounding new and old characters, and the creatures and magical world Mr. Knight has created.  Would recommend for grade school age and older readers who like reading about strong girls, magic, spooky creatures and adventure.

Rating: 4 Stars – Great Book

Content: Some situations may be a little scary for younger readers

Source: I received this book via Early Reviewer giveaway.

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