Spotlight: Son of Set by Kelsey Ketch + Giveaway

Son of Set
“. . . the Sons would never just let him go—alive.”

Seth O’Keefe has broken the laws of his god. He never thought he would sacrifice his own future to protect a Daughter of Isis. But when the Sons of Set discovered Natti is the Secret Keeper, he had no choice. Now, Seth and Natti are on the run from his father, who wants nothing more than to see Seth dead. With no allies, Seth turns to the Daughters of Isis for help, hoping they would protect Natti. But when they meet the Daughters, he discovers a secret that puts both their lives in more danger. Low on options, Seth sees only one possibility for survival. He must help Natti solve an ancient puzzle and find the secret name of Ra.

Natara “Natti” Stone is having a hard time swallowing the truth. She can’t believe what she has learned in the past twenty-four hours: Seth is a Son of Set blessed with charm; she is a Daughter of Isis blessed with a sliver of Ma ‘at; the locket her grandmother gave her holds an ancient Egyptian secret linking to Osiris and Isis. That along with being tortured and brutalized by the Sons of Set, she can hardly hold herself together. Thank God for Seth’s touch! That warm, tingling sensation that drowns it all out. Yet her heart struggles to stay focused. She must quickly embrace her destiny before the secret name of Ra falls into the wrong hands.


“All clear,” Seth called up.He could hear Natti’s footsteps while he set the load he carried onto the double bed. The porthole windows across the wall allowed what was left of the light outside to filter in. The bedding was navy blue with yellow stripes crossing in a diagonal direction. Between the bed and window, a little shelf was covered in framed photographs of a man, his wife, and two children: a boy and a girl.Seth heard the rattling of tin cans and the slapping of cabinet doors in the hallway, followed by Natti’s silver voice. “I think I found some sea rations we can share, if you don’t mind a family-size can of beans with hotdogs.”“Yeah, that’s great. I’ll be right there,” he called back miserably, his stomach in knots from his claustrophobia. Even with enough space to breathe, he could feel the walls slowly closing in on him. But this place was better than being stuck out in the cold for the Sons to find.“Oh my God,” Natti cried, and without hesitation, Seth raced into the tight hallway. His heart pounded in fear as his legs worked their way to the galley. When he reached it, he was greeted by the biggest smile he had ever seen.

Natti pointed out the window. “Seth, look. Look outside. Can you believe it?”

All he could see was rain droplets starting to slam into the plexiglass. Before he could respond, Natti was running to the upper deck.

“Natti,” Seth called after her. “Natti, stop. Someone might see you—”

He froze at the threshold dividing the cabin from the main deck. Natti was standing in the open, her arms out to catch the droplets in her palms and her chin lifted to the sky. Her eyes were closed while she breathed in the thick, salty air. And though she was drenched head to foot in the pouring rain, she didn’t seem to care. Her smile only broadened.

“Isn’t this amazing?” Natti asked, not breaking from her pose. She looked ready to take to the skies in flight with how she rolled up on the balls of her feet. “I haven’t seen a drop of rain since we moved to Setemple. But this . . . this is beautiful!”

Taking a shaky breath, Seth relaxed and leaned on the door frame. He watched her slowly step in circles, her soaked blue tee conforming to her curves. Her small breasts were more noticeable, and her wet, raven hair draped in coiled vines down her neckline. The moment her eyes opened and landed on his gaze, his chest felt lighter than air. The scene was beautiful. No, he rethought, she was beautiful. Her figure, her smile, her joy simply took his breath away.

Reactively, he returned a full, charming smile, one that would have drawn in most of the student body back in Setemple High. “Is it a British tradition to wait for the rain to shower?”

With that little pouty scowl of hers, Natti flicked a few droplets of water in his direction, the cold needling his skin. Like a cat, he recoiled.

“Hey! I’m not as fond of being in the rain as you are.”

“Oh, is that so?” Natti gave a sly smile and stepped forward.

Seth held up his hands in surrender, his laughter growing into a roar as he tried to step back into the cabin. “Oh no. No-no-no. Don’t even think—”

Natti grabbed his wrists and quickly dragged him out into the stormy weather. Seth’s body wrenched at the sensation, and he pulled from her grasp as the dousing rain poured over his head. His booming laugh drummed inside his chest.

“Oh, you are so going to pay for that.” He lunged forward, and Natti dodged, shrieking a shrill laugh. “Come ’ere, you.”

Before she could get too far from his reach, she slipped in a puddle. Seth caught her and held her tight against his body while they both tumbled into the freezing layer of water on the deck. His back was soaked and she was pressed up against his chest, her hair draping over him in wet curtains. They’re chuckling slowly turned to an uneasy tension. Seth noticed her gaze fall to his lips, and then to his chest.



One lucky winner will get a was scepter pendant (created specially by SilverspotStudio), a hieroglyphic tote bag, and a Son of Set journal (INT)


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  1. That book sounds really great and I love the cover!

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    Loved Daughter of Isis and can’t wait to read this one too. great giveaway

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    This is on my daughters must read list.

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    This book sounds very entertaining would love to read it.

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