Run Run Runaway – Destiny Bay Romances: Sweet Editions by Helen Conrad

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Run Run Runaway

Destiny Bay Romances: Sweet Editions

by Helen Conrad


Run Run Runaway

Destiny Bay Romances – Forever Yours
(Sweet Edition #1)
by Helen Conrad

Adult Romance

Paperback & Ebook, 169 pages

March 28th 2014 by Doorknock Publishing

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

The trouble is, when you run from your problems, you often find out your biggest obstacle is along for the tripit’s you! Reid Carrington realizes that when he finds Jennifer and recognizes the quiet desperation in her eyes. Can he save someone who doesn’t want to be saved? Or like a lifeguard rescuing a swimmer, will she pull him down into the undertow in the end?Recipes for Jennifer’s Mango Salsa and Tilly’s Bruschetta included. 

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Helen Conrad is an award-winning, bestselling author of more than 90 romances (over 15 million copies sold) published under various pseudonyms with Harlequin, Silhouette, Loveswept, and others. She is currently revamping and rewriting much of her backlist—mainly into the Destiny Bay Romances Series. The first six, the Forever Yours Series, are being rewritten as Sweet Editions.

Destiny Bay Romances-The Sweet Editions


These are basically the same stories that are found in Destiny Bay Romances- Forever Yours, but with the conflicts softened a bit, the language cleaned up, and no explicit love scenes. There are still a few adult situations, but they’re muted. Consider these the PG versions.


“Shall we do dishes?” she asked as they cleared the table.

“No.” He made a face. “Not this time. Let’s take a walk on the beach instead.”

She joined him willingly. After what he’d just told her, they needed something to release the unhappy tension.

It was already long after dark. The beach was deserted, the waves inky black in the silver light.

“Look, a full moon,” Jennifer noted, wrapping her shawl around her. The night air was cool and stimulating, and they took off their shoes to feel the sand between their toes.

“A full moon is for madness, you know,” she told Reid as they walked along. She reached out and hooked an arm through his, and they bumped companionably as they went toward the sea.

“You don’t need a full moon as an excuse,” he teased her. “You’re full of madness all the time.”

She laughed, feeling suddenly free and happy and close to him. “But it’s especially made for old stick-in-the-muds like you,” she told him. “It’s your night to be a little mad.” She tugged on his arm, laughing up into his face. “Come on, Reid. Be a little mad tonight.”

He never could resist her smile. “All right, Jennifer,” he replied, his gaze devouring her face, “what sort of madness do you suggest?”

Ah, if she only dared tell him! “Let’s race,” she challenged. “Down to the pier and back. The winner gets … a kiss,” she said wildly, dropping his arm.

“You’re on,” he replied, to her surprise.

“You have to give me a head start,” she cried, racing off, her bare feet digging into the sand.

“Why?” he called from behind her. “You always start off with an advantage over me, Jennifer Thornton.”

He came thundering up behind, easily outdistancing her.  When they reached the pier they both collapsed in the sand, laughing.

“I said ‘and back,’ you know,” she chided him.

“We’ll do the ‘and back’ later, when we’ve got our second wind.”



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  1. I do enjoy romances set in small towns..

  2. I like small town beach romances 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  3. I prefer beach settings.. thanks for the giveaway and for sharing!

  4. I love beach romances!

  5. Daniel M says:

    don’t have a fav place, i find characters more important than location

  6. Carolyn Valdez says:

    I love reading about all location.

  7. A beach setting at sunset or sunrise w/out all the sand would be awesome!!!!

  8. Laura Thomas says:

    I don’t have a favorite setting, as long as the romance is good 🙂