Picture Book Review: Gigi and Her Girl by Kathy Brandt



Title: Gigi and Her Girl

Author: Kathy Brandt

Publisher: Whimsical Books, LLC

Release Date: February 11, 2014

Website: http://gigiandhergirl.com/

Book Summary:

A wildly popular picture book with fun illustrations and rhyming text.

Told from both the child’s and dogs point of view. children laugh out loud at the contrast. When the patient puppy prefers to sleep with the more respectful, less smothering bigger sister, the spicy little sister needs to change her ways…maybe. Sweet, whimsical and very funny!

We loved this cute picture book. Ever since we moved and had to find a new home for our Pug Tank, the girls have had a pretty soft spot in their hearts for animals. My 4 year old often still includes Tank’s happiness as part of our prayers, or just expresses her missing him.

When I first started reading Gigi and Her Girl, I wasn’t sure the kids understood that it jumped between dog and girl speaking, but after a couple pages in I knew they got it as they said “what did Gigi say this time?” The cute little stuffed Gigi that came along with the book has been claimed by my 7 year old, while my 6 year old has laid claim to the book itself – hoarding it in her bed, and rereading it by the light of the moon every night.

Rating: 5 stars. I loved it, the kids loved it!
Content: clean
Source: Review from the Author Kathy Brandt
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  1. The cover looks so pretty! I love the drawings and bet this is a fabulous book!

  2. Thanks for this review. I am going to check out this book for our school library 🙂