Moving Too Fast by Helen Conrad – Excerpt

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Destiny Bay Romances: Sweet Editions

by Helen Conrad

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Moving Too Fast

Destiny Bay Romances – Forever Yours
(Sweet Edition #3)
by Helen ConradAdult Romance

Paperback & Ebook, 165 pages

March 28th 2014 by Doorknock Publishing

A sweet old-fashioned girl
isn’t what Grant Carrington is looking for. A man who lives for speed and danger, he’s only slowed down because he’s been forced to by an injury. Carrie Harlow isn’t his type, but he needs her in order to heal. She knows she’s playing with fire, but she feels she can help him and she goes for it—even though she knows she’s endangering her own heart as she fixes his.
Recipe for Carrie’s Chicken Picatta included.
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Helen Conrad is an award-winning, bestselling author of more than 90 romances (over 15 million copies sold) published under various pseudonyms with Harlequin, Silhouette, Loveswept, and others. She is currently revamping and rewriting much of her backlist—mainly into the Destiny Bay Romances Series. The first six, the Forever Yours Series, are being rewritten as Sweet Editions.

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“Hello,” she said without a smile.

“You came back,” he answered shortly. “I wasn’t sure you would.”

She gestured toward the padded table. “Of course I came back. You can’t scare me off that easily.”

He turned his back to peel off the sweats. He wore his shorts underneath, she was relieved to note, but she could feel that he still didn’t want to uncover the scars to her. He got up on the table without another word. She plugged in her machine and began to move it lightly over his leg, standing with her back to him again. It was easier this time.

She started whistling, something she’d done as a nervous habit as a child.  She hadn’t done it in years, and when she realized that she was whistling “Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?” she cut it off hard and made a face, praying that he hadn’t noticed.

But he had. If she’d turned around at that point, she would have seen a smile in his eyes. He watched her stiff back, the swing of her full, shining hair, and he was reminded of just how young and naïve she was.

Carrie Harlow, he thought to himself, don’t you know I am the big bad wolf? Don’t you know you ought to run for the woods right now?

“Before I gobble you up,” he whispered aloud.

“What?” she asked, looking back.

He shook his head, very slowly. She went back to work. The sound waves from her machine pulsed, an evening breeze blew in and stirred the papers on the desk, and her scent filled his senses. Spring flowers. He closed his eyes, trying todeny what he felt.

A Little About the Destiny Bay Romances: Sweet Editions
From Author Helen Conrad
“The Destiny Bay Romances take place in the sort of beach town I’ve always loved–and now I live in one! But writing about beach towns came first and this series is centered on the rich, influential Carrington family living along the California Coast, and in Hawaii. These are good-looking, fast-driving, hard-hitting men and women whose impulses lead them into trouble every time–and inevitably to fall in love.
The original series includes language and love scenes that aren’t, for the most part, especially harsh and explicit–but some of my readers from my years writing sweets for Harlequin as Raye Morgan have asked if we couldn’t have sweet and clean versions–and I thought–what a good idea!
These are basically the same stories…but with the conflicts softened a bit, the language cleaned up, and no explicit love scenes. There are still a few adult situations, but they’re muted. Consider these the PG versions.
I hope you enjoy them!”
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