Book To Movie Review – Divergent



In a world divided by factions based on virtues, Tris learns she’s Divergent and won’t fit in. When she discovers a plot to destroy Divergents, Tris and the mysterious Four must find out what makes Divergents dangerous before it’s too late.

Released March 21, 2014







I’m a little late getting this posted.  I actually saw this movie opening weekend… 2 months ago.

Admittedly I am really skittish about going to see book to movie adaptations, especially for books I loved.  For someone who once helped run the TwilightMoms Site and avidly followed the filming of the first Twilight movie it’s strange to admit that I have only seen Twilight & New Moon. I never went to see the others because they just didn’t live up to the world and characters I had created in my head.  I loved the Hunger Games but haven’t gone to see the movies. I probably will sometime.  Maybe when the final movie is out.  I hear their pretty well done but I just haven’t been able to make the leap yet because the cast doesn’t match the ones in my head.

I was however excited to see Divergent on the big screen. I liked this clip. It seemed like they got the casting and story-line right when I watched it.

I read Divergent over 2 years ago and loved it. I think having such a long time between reading the book and watching the movie made it easier for me to enjoy the movie.  If all the details had been fresh in my mind I would have likely been annoyed at the changes that were made. I know there is no way to fit everything into a movie but all too often there are too many thing changed or interpreted differently than I envisioned them leaving me disappointed.

Overall I thought Divergent was one of the better book to movie adaptations I’ve seen.  It was much darker and more violent than the way I saw it in my head as I read the book. However some of the scenes that I couldn’t quite picture in my head came alive on the big screen.

The PG-13 rating comes mainly from the violence – there is a lot of it.  The sexual content and language were fairly mild for a PG-13 rated movie but there was a little of both.

Will I see the next movie Insurgent?  Probably.  I didn’t love Insurgent as much as I did Divergent but I maybe the movie will change my mind.  Will I see the 3rd (& 4th one because they are splitting book 3 into 2 movies)? Only if I love Insurgent.  I’m a happily ever after kind of girl and didn’t love the way Allegiant ended.

Divergent Trailer

Have you seen Divergent? What did you think? Would you recommend it to others? What did you love? What did you hate?


  1. I agree with you – compared to some other adaptions, this movie worked quite well. (And I don’t think I would want to see Allegiant, either!)

  2. I read Divergent and Insurgent before I saw the movie… I thought the movie was good, as far as movie adaptations go! But I can’t bring myself to read Allegiant because I’ve got a feeling that the ending is going to devastate me – but I want to know what happens! So I’m living in a perpetual state of stress in the meantime…

  3. This sounds good! I haven’t even thought about reading Insurgent since I heard that MAJOR spoiler about how it ends… first time I’ve ever been glad to have a book spoiled for me. So maybe I won’t be watching the other 3 films either. Just so you don’t feel lonely in your opinion 😉

  4. I have seen Divergent! When I went to see it, it had also been a year and a bit since I read it which is why I liked it. As you said, there were no details fresh in my mind. But, I did think the book is still better. I always try book to film adaptions, and although I end up disliking them more often than not, I can separate the movie from the book in my head when I am reading/rereading.