Book Review: John Dreamer by Elise Celine


Title: John Dreamer

Author: Elise Celine

Series: John Dreamer Series #1

Publisher: AuthorBuzz

Release Date: February 12, 2014



Book Summary:

Andy wasn’t usually sure about much, but she was absolutely certain this was the weirdest day of her life as she stood stranded in the middle of a great white room with six strangers. Well, they were mostly strangers. She could have sworn she’d seen the guy with the green eyes before, and maybe that was why he kept staring at her.

When a man calling himself the Guardian appeared and said they had come to make their deepest dreams come true, they embark on an adventure none of them ever imagined, and the consequences of their actions would change them forever.

“John Dreamer” is the first in a series of books set in the confines of the Great White Room.

Adelynnes Review

This is one of the most beautiful books I’ve ever read. It explores all types of people, with different types of pain. It teaches people how to let go of their pain, and find their passions and to live their life. It’s so powerful and touching- it speaks to a part of you you never knew you had. I could relate with every character in the book, and feel the strength of the self-realization they came to. It’s just infinitely touching. The characters were beautifully woven into the plot/dreams, and the emotions are just so raw and heart-wrenching. I loved it. I even loved the romance- which is rare, because it was one of those “we met in the past for a while/love at first sight” ideas. This book was just so exquisitely written- I really need to go buy the book.

*Thanks to Netgalley for providing a free copy!*

Rating: 5 stars- I loved it!

Content: Clean language, mild violence

Source: Netgalley

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