Book Review – Enter: Ten Tales for Tweens

Title:  Enter: Ten Tales for Tweens

Authors: MJ Ware, Sybil Nelson, Laura Lond, N.R. Wick, D.D. Roy, Jean Cross,
Tess Oliver, Laura Keysor, KJ Hannah Greenberg, & Chris Eboch

Publisher: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.


Release Date: September 10th 2012


Book Summary:  

In this collection of stories from ten groundbreaking authors of fiction for 9-12 year olds, explore new worlds and discover the surprises that lie just beneath the surface of everyday places.

In these tales, you’ll read about:

–The horrifying truth behind the tapping on a boy’s window in a snowstorm.
–Priscilla the Great’s hilarious revenge on Christine the Mean at summer camp.
–Kian’s struggle with loyalty as his birthright involves returning to a clan he’d sworn to despise.
–Holly’s journey down a trapdoor to a shocking world she accesses with an emerald key.

And many more!

Marisa Review

Enter: Ten Tales for Tweens is a cute book that I am sure I would have loved when I was in the 9-12 age range. It has the right amount of creepiness and spook to get a good sleepover going while maintaining a sense of quirk and humor that will hinder any nightmares.

A few thoughts on a couple of the stories:

Priscilla the Great vs Christine the Mean
By Sybil Nelson

Priscilla the Great has superpowers and she uses them for good. This book is a fun book about bullying and learning your lesson, though it does have two extremely mild words used in name calling I feel they are necessary to the story. There is also some violence but nothing graphic or over the top by any means. I think my children would get a kick out of this book and how Priscilla the Great goes up against Christine the Mean!
Fair Price
By Laura Lond

Fair Price is a story about what goes on inside of primitive tribes and the longing that we all have to know who we are and where we come from. This story is also about sacrifice and penance. It is a clean story and may be too deep for a tween to benefit from as far as genuine understanding goes. However, I think it would be a great short story for bedtime, or family time to sit and reflect on or even a short story for homeschoolers to help learn about tribal markings, different ways of life, sacrifice, and reading comprehension. This story opens up a plethora of discussion topics and in my opinion should be used as a jumping off point for further learning.
The Ghost of Vernon Avenue
By Jean Cross

This story is a perfect ghost story since it doesn’t actually focus on supernatural but rather on the human mind and perspective. It also teaches a good moral or two and the biggest one would be to be careful what you wish for and treat others how you want to be treated.


Rating: 3 stars for adults; 4-5 for Tweens

Content: Clean, paranormal, magic, ghosts

Source: Owned, Kindle Edition

Purchase: Amazon