Get a Kindle for just $49!!

$49 Kindle
I love my Kindle. I just bought another one making it the 5th one I own. I have a Kindle, Kindle Keyboard, 2 Kindle Fires and another Kindle 6″ on its way. I also own a Nook, a Kobo Aura and an iPad but I’ve found I’m partial to my Kindle 6″ for a couple reasons. I much prefer reading on it instead of reading a print book because it is so light and easy to read. I take it to the gym with me and read while I workout on the treadmill, bike or elliptical and adjust the font to a larger size to make it easier to read. In all honesty my Nook and Kobo work just as well for the reasons mentioned above.  I find the iPad and Kindle Fires to be just a little too big and bulky.

The only disadvantage I’ve found to my Kindle 6″ is that you can’t read in the dark but I have an awesome book light by my bed that remedies that problem easily enough. The Kindle Fire works great for reading at night but it feels too “heavy” in my hand so I prefer to use my book light and smaller Kindle.  My kids love the Kindle Fire.  They play games, watch videos and listen to audiobooks.

The main reason I prefer my Kindles over other brands of ereaders is that there is a much better selection of free and bargain ebooks available on Amazon. That coupled with the ease of loading books on to my Kindle via my send to kindle email address and the fact that Netgalley review copies do not expire when sent to a Kindle email address makes it the best choice for me.

If you don’t have a Kindle now is a great time to get one. Amazon has a mother’s day special offering $20 off making a Kindle 6″ just $49. Take advantage of this huge selection of FREE ebooks I highly recommend and you easily regain your purchase price through FREE & Bargain ebooks worth reading.

Here are a few ebooks that are currently free.  Prices are subject to change at anytime. Everyday there are dozens of limited time FREE ebooks available.  I feature a few of them on my site



  1. Debbie Rhoades says:

    I do have a Kindle Fire, and I love the fact that I can take it everywhere and have a big selection of things to read.