Facebook & Twitter Blast – Kindle Fire HDX Sponsor Sign Ups (Easy Entry Short Rafflecopter)

Facebook and Twitter Blast Kindle Fire


This Kindle Fire Giveaway will be set up a little different.  This will have a short rafflecopter (max of 30 possible entries plus the option to tweet & a free entry).  There will not be an additional prize for bloggers who post but I will submit it to sites like giveaway promote.

The only options allowed on the rafflecopter are to like a facebook fan page or to follow on twitter (there will be an option to tweet/share the giveaway).  The goal being to keep it very quick and easy to enter.

Spots on the rafflecopter are $10 each.  As soon as I have the spots filled I will request payment then create the rafflecopter.  Hopefully this one will be within a week or so.  If I get more people signing up than I have spots for on the rafflecopter I will start another giveaway a couple weeks later.


This giveaway is full. Look for signups for the next one coming soon.


Happy Mothers Day Kindle

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