Book Review: Neon by Yaritza Garcia

Title: Neon

Author: Yaritza Garcia

Publisher: Smashwords

Release Date: Jan. 12, 2012

Book Summary:

Bold and proud to be a freak, funky-haired Neon sets out to get her crush’s attention the best way she knows how: through skateboarding!

This was such an adorable read!  It was only 3 pages long (PDF version) and I enjoyed every minute of it.  It was written as if you were having a normal conversation with Neon, which I haven’t seen this style a lot lately – making it a nice change.  Neon was relatable – since I believe myself to be a little bit of a book “geek” – and was well written.  I can honestly remember thinking similarly when I was in high school!  The ending was cute and made me smile.

If you’re looking for a cute story this is definitely one you should look into.

Rating:  5 Stars – I Loved It!!
Content: Clean
Source: Smashwords
Free copy available on Smashwords only.


  1. This looks cute! And it’s only three pages long? Interesting.