Book Review: Don’t Stick Sticks Up Your Nose! Don’t Stuff Stuff In Your Ears!

Don't Stick Sticks Up Your Nose! Don't Stuff Stuff in Your Ears!Title: Don’t Stick Sticks Up Your Nose! Don’t Stuff Stuff In Your Ears!

Author: Jerald S Altman, MD and Richard Jacobson

Publisher: ZonaBooks, LLC

Release Date: May 15, 2013

Book Summary:

There’s no getting around it. Kids are curious and kids will be kids. But this can lead to putting themselves at risk for serious injury – not to mention costly healthcare expenses for Mom and Dad. After 15 years of practice, Dr. Jerald Altman is never amazed by what kids will put into their nose and ears. Through fun illustrations and clever rhyming schemes Don’t stick sticks up your nose! Don’t stuff stuff in your ears! is the perfect way to teach kids not to put dangerous objects where they don’t belong.

You’ve been there right? Maybe it was you as a child sticking something where it didn’t belong, or maybe it was your child?  I remember the first time I stuck a gummy up my nose..I don’t know what I was thinking, but boy did that hurt! I was lucky and managed to get it out by myself.

My  3 year old wasn’t as lucky as me. We had recently moved here, and were headed over to my parents for dinner. Barely out of our neighborhood, and there is a sudden crying of pain – our 3 year old had a small bead and had decided to stick it up her nose. We pulled over and tried as quickly as we could to get her to blow it out, but all she could figure out was to suck it in more.  That was one bill I never expected to cost so much, but with a good dr, we got it out.

I absolutely LOVED reading this book with her. We haven’t had any more incidents, but you can never be too careful. She has loved sitting on my lap and showing me all the pictures and things that should never ever be stuck in our nose and ears.

Rating: 5 stars. I definitely recommend this book if you have small children.

Content: Clean. Though you will see pictures of odd things like frogs and rocks coming out of ears and noses.

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