Book Review: An Unlikely Match by Sarah M. Eden

15830812 Title: An Unlikely Match

Author: Sarah M. Eden

Publisher: Covenants Communications

Release Date: October 2012


Book Summary:

The future has never looked brighter for once penniless Nickolas Pritchard. Now in possession of an unforeseen legacy from a distant cousin, he can finally woo the exquisite Miss Castleton, belle of the London Season. What better setting for matchmaking than Ty Mynydd, his ancestral home nestled in the untamed hills of Wales? Ideal, indeed … except for the ghost.

For nearly four hundred years, Gwen has walked the halls of the home in which she lived—and died a mysterious death. But despite centuries as the reigning force within her ancient residence, nothing prepares her for the charm and unexpected appeal of Englishman Nickolas.

A deep and abiding affection grows between the two, tempered by the unbreakable barrier that separates them. They cannot possibly hope for a happily ever after. there can be no future between a man yet living and a woman long dead.

But how can Nickolas possibly give Gwen up? And how can Gwen face an eternity without Nickolas?

Cheryls review

Sarah M Eden is amazing at telling a story. This one is so creative. I couldn’t figure out how there could possibly be a happy ending. Really, how does one start a family with a ghost? The characters are so much fun. I really like how there didn’t seem to be animosity between the main characters, even when they were jealous of one another. I loved the spunky ghost. SHE is awesome. The friendship between Nickolas and the other guys was fun to observe too. I never can get enough of Sarah’s stories.

Rating: 5 Stars – I Loved it!
Content: Clean
Source: Library copy

This book can be purchased at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Deseret Book, and Seagull Book.



  1. I just love Sarah M. Eden’s books. She is such a fantastic writer and an amazing person. Thanks for sharing your review!