Ready to switch from Blogger to WordPress? Want to start a Blog?

It has been a year since I made the switch from Blogger to WordPress.  It was a great move that I don’t regret.  I did the move myself but if I had to do it over I would likely have used someone to help me through the process cause there was a big learning curve.

I got an email from Brent from Linky Tools last week with an offer I think is worth passing on to anyone who might be considering making the switch to a self hosted wordpress blog or starting a new wordpress blog. Brent is a great guy who has helped me out multiple times.

Here are the details from Brent…

I offer each new subscriber at Linky Blog a FREE professionally designed and expertly set-up WordPress blog. It is a completely ready to use, fully-loaded, feature-rich, expertly-configured WordPress blog for FREE, complete with some of my favorite high quality themes, must-have plugins and security, and over 30 sample blog post ideas to get you immediately started blogging. It’s 15 years of my blogging experience put to use. No catches:  Details here…

This is not one of those “here’s how to create your own blog” video things. I do the work setting everything up. All the new reader does is request it. They get a very nice, completely ready to use WordPress blog saving them countless hours of set up time and that’s assuming they even know HOW to set it up right. It’s really a super cool deal for them.

What’s the catch? None. When people sign up for the FREE blog, I am hoping to build a long term relationship with them as readers which I know historically means they will mostly likely purchase my other products and services.  If they sign up for hosting, I get an affiliate commission on that if they fulfill their contract.

So it’s a WIN-WIN-WIN all the way around. Your readers get a free, professional WordPress blog. I get a new visitor and maybe some commission.

If you are interested in checking out the details you can learn more at this link:

If you do decide to get your Free Blog from Brent be sure to put “I AM A READER” in the referral box so Brent will know I sent you!

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  1. Kj Partridge says:

    Was wondering if this is still going on, I would love to try.