Picture Book Review: One Little Match by Thomas S. Monson

One little matchTitle: One Little Match

Author: Thomas S. Monson

Publisher: Shadow Mountain

Released: March 4, 2014

Book Summary:

A new, illustrated picture book with an invaluable lesson for children. In his April 2013 general conference address, President Thomas S. Monson told the story about his time as a young boy spending the summer at his family’s cabin in Vivian Park. He and his best friend, Danny, decided to clear a field so they could gather with their friends and have a campfire. The tall, stubborn weeds would not pull out easily. So Tommy had the idea of using one little match to burn the weeds. He knew he should not use matches without permission from his parents. But he ignored the prompting warning him of the danger and set the parched June grass ablaze. The consequence of his disobedience nearly endangered the entire forest and almost burned down neighboring cabins. Soon all the men and women at Vivian Park were dashing back and forth with wet burlap bags, beating at the flames in an attempt to extinguish them. After several hours, the last remaining embers were finally smothered. Danny and I were exhausted and humbled. We felt terrible about what had happened. If only I had acted differently in that one little second and never picked up even one little match. I learned several difficult but important lessons that day. Perhaps the biggest lesson was the need for obedience. Rules and laws are created to keep us safe. When we obey those rules, we can avoid the dangers that can come from something as small as one little match.




We were at General Conference last April when President Monson told this story.  It was the highlight of the trip and a story we have retold a couple times since then.

I sat down this morning to read this book to my 8 year old.  I didn’t tell her the title but just started reading.  We were half way through when she looked at me with a huge smile and asked if is this was about President Monson. I think more than anything she was amazed by the fact that President Monson was the same age she is when this story occurred.  She thought it was pretty cool that he wasn’t perfect and made mistakes too.

Beautiful illustrations brought this wonderful story to life.  This is a great picture book that teaches the importance of obedience.  Recommended to all.

5 stars


Rating: 5 Stars – I loved it.

Source: Review copy

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  1. We LOVE this story! I will definitely be picking this book up for my collection! 🙂