Book Review: S.O.S. Stop Only Sugar Diet by James A. Surrell

Title: S.O.S Stop Only Sugar Diet

Author: Dr. James Surrell

Publisher: Bean Books

Release Date: June 19, 2010


Book Summary:

Other diets are way too complicated! The SOS (Stop Only Sugar) Diet has only three simple rules: Rule 1. Low Sugar, Rule 2. High Fiber, and everybody’s favorite is Rule 3. No More Rules! The short and simple SOS Diet, by Digestive Health expert James A. Surrell, MD, involves only a minor lifestyle change. You too will soon become a “Label Reading Detective” and easily and almost effortlessly love 5 to 8 pounds per month.


Before I ever picked up this book, I had gone on a sugar diet. If you know me, you know I don’t diet. I believe in everything in moderation, and to me it’s not about the weight. I had joined this health challenge a few years ago and one of the challenges was to limit, if not eliminate, sugar from our diet. I knew I couldn’t get rid of sugar completely, so I decided to only eat items that had under 7grams of sugar listed on the ingredients. I can honestly say, that I have never felt so on top of the world in my life, and when people (like my mom) who didn’t know I was skipping sugar told me how good I was looking, I knew it wasn’t just me.

So I thought I would really enjoy reading a “diet” book about the stopping sugar as the main rule. Dr Surrell made some great claims, and I felt I learned a lot of different health benefits to stopping sugar. I was a little concerned when his “no-no” list contained fruit, but later in the book he makes it more understood that it’s canned fruit. Fresh fruit is obviously very good for you, and is natural sugars.

I’ve gone back to my old ways of not limiting my sugar, but after reading this book I think I’m going to try it again. I’m sure I’ll still indulge in the occasional sugary snack, but just the way I know I personally feel when limiting my sugar is worth it.

Rating: Great Book

Content: Clean.

Source: Westwind Communications

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