Book Review: Dear Jane Letters by Amanda Hamm

dear jane lettersTitle: Dear Jane Letters
Author: Amanda Hamm
Publisher: Amanda Hamm
Release Date: October 7, 2010
Book Summary:
Dear Jane Letters is a light-hearted look into the life of Raina Lane, author of a local advice column titled Dear Jane. Raina has a close family who loves and entertains her at every encounter. She lives with her best friend, Vicki, who is about to get married and is anxious to see Raina paired up as well. She looks for romance between Raina and just about anyone with whom they come into contact, including a blind date and the old friend who has recently reentered Raina’s life. Despite her roommate’s constant vigilance, when Raina does find love, it still catches her by surprise.

Alisas review


Cute, fun, clean read! I have started several books in a row that I haven’t finished because of unexpected content and/or complete boredom… So it was fun to actually read an entire book and enjoy it.

Raina is a hopeless romantic who is pretty clueless about guys in real life (I totally related to her!). She has a roommate, Vicki who is engaged and planning her wedding. But Vicki is never too busy to meddle in Raina’s love life. Raina meets Todd on a blind date set up by her sister. Then Steve, an old friend of Raina’s from high school moves into their apartment complex and they start hanging out again.

Not only does Vicki encourage her to pursue Todd and Steve, but she also “gifts” Raina a night of speed dating so she can meet even more guys. The guys she meets speed dating are pitifully funny… while I never did speed dating (I don’t think it even existed back in my dating days) I had my share of “interesting” blind dates and I met my share of “interesting” guys while dancing.

Out of all the guys that Vicki throws in Raina’s path, it’s obvious from the start who Raina should be with – it just takes her a while to figure it out! In the meantime, it’s fun to watch Steve’s and Raina’s friendship develop.

4 stars

Rating: 4 stars
Content: Very clean, no language!

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  1. This happens to me a lot, starting a book, then stopping because it was boring. Glad that this worked out for you!