Book Review: Be FreED by Marllory Faye

Title: Be FreED: Recover from your eating disorder at any age

Author: Mallory Faye

Publisher: Tate Publishing and Enterprises

Release Date: March 11, 2014


Book Summary:

Are you beginning to feel like your life has become unmanageable? Has what once served as a meaning of control, begun to turn out of control? Eating disorders begin to take over your life, leaving little room for anything positive. This self-help book, Be FreED, will take you from that negative place to a hopeful outlook on life and recovery. Mallory’s journey of recovery is documented for you to read. She takes you from the denial stage you may be in right now to how you can fully recover from your eating disorder and live a happy and healthy life. Yes, it is possible; Mallory is living proof of this. There are techniques and exercises that are shared throughout the book that you can put in to action to begin your recovery process. Be FreED shows that recovery at any age is possible.

When I was asked if I would review this book for NEDA week (National Eating Disorder Association), I knew it was one I wanted to read. A little over a year ago I learned someone close to me had been struggling with an eating disorder. Until then I truly thought an eating disorder was a lifestyle you choose. When my friend was diagnosed, and opened up about it, I realized how little I knew of eating disorders and the havoc they can wreck on a person. Since then I began doing more research into the illness, so that I can be prepared to be a support and also so I am ready in case my own children ever struggle.

At the beginning of this year, one thing I decided to do was join The Project HEAL as a volunteer. Since I’m pretty busy with my family, I help Project HEAL’s utah chapter by managing their google plus page.  I have learned so much.

Mallory’s book is intended to be read by those suffering an eating disorder and trying to recover from it, so most of the language and experience she uses I didn’t fully understand, I did feel I had just that much of a better look into what my friend must be feeling.

I’ll be giving my copy of this book away during the Mental Health Giveaway Hop
Rating: 4 stars
Content: clean
Source: Kelley and Hall Book Publicity