The Junction of Sunshine and Lucky by Holly Schindler

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Holly Schindler’s debut novel, A Blue So Dark, received a starred review in Booklist, was named one of Booklist’s Top 10 First Novels for Youth, and won both a silver medal from ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year and a gold medal in the IPPY Awards. She is also the author of Playing Hurt (YA romance), The Junction of Sunshine and Lucky (contemporary MG), and the forthcoming Feral (YA psychological thriller).


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Character This or That (Holly Schindler)

Auggie, the main character of THE JUNCTION OF SUNSHINE AND LUCKY, is here to answer a few This or That questions:

TV or Movies?

Grampa Gus and I don’t go to too many movies.  He’s a trash hauler who gets “security checks,” which are magical words in our house.  We don’t have a fancy TV, either, or even cable.  Sometimes, it seems like we have as much need for electricity as an old camping tent.  For the most part, the best “show” we see is right out in our yard.  If we want to meet a new character, we get to make it ourselves!

Black or White?

Wouldn’t that be awful if the whole world was just black or white?  The world should have as many colors in it as the shutters on my house.  Gus and I, we’ve painted our shutters dinosaur green and lemon yellow and cotton candy pink!  I love all the colors on our house—it looks every bit as wild as everyone’s always saying my mom was.  The House Beautification Committee thinks there should only be black or white, though.  They tell us our house is in violation, now that we’ve painted it.  So I’ve just got to add more.  I’ve got to show them how wrong they are.

Summer or Winter?

Summer.  Definitely.  In the summer, Gus and I have all the time in the world to work on our “company”—figures that dance and jump rope and play hopscotch.  We’ve got so many on the lawn, I bet the sun’ll never be able to get any grass to grow at all this summer.  We won’t have to mow at all!  Every single time we make a new member of our “company,” it’s better than the last.  I can’t wait to find out what we’ll be making next summer!

Shoes or Sandals?

Sandals.  Nothing feels better than letting your toes wiggle!  Wouldn’t that be a great new figure?  A girl wearing sandals, with giant wiggling toes!

Truth or Dare?

If you’re daring me to make that sculpture of the girl with the wiggling toes, I’ll take it!  Wait till Gus hears this idea…


Junction CoverThe Junction of Sunshine and Lucky

“Beasts of the Southern Wild” meets Because of Winn Dixie in this inspiring story of hope.

Auggie Jones lives with her grandpa Gus, a trash hauler, in a poor part of town.  So when her wealthy classmate’s father starts the House Beautification Committee, it’s homes like Auggie’s that are deemed “in violation.”  But Auggie is determined to prove that there’s more to her—and to her house—than meets the eye.

What starts out as a home renovation project quickly becomes much more as Auggie and her grandpa discover a talent they never knew they had—and redefine a whole town’s perception of beauty, one recycled sculpture at a time.

Holly Schindler’s feel-good story about the power one voice can have will inspire readers to speak from their hearts.



“…a heartwarming and uplifting story…[that] shines…with vibrant themes of community, self-empowerment and artistic vision delivered with a satisfying verve.” – Kirkus Reviews

“Axioms like ‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ and ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ come gracefully to life in Schindler’s tale about the value of hard work and the power of community…Auggie’s enthusiasm and unbridled creativity are infectious, and likeminded readers will envy her creative partnership with [her grandfather] Gus.” – Publishers Weekly

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  1. i am looking forward to THE JUNCTION OF SUNSHINE AND LUCKY because we all can use a bit of hope! commented here for the contest cause couldnt find another place to put it……….spent 10 mins+ searching………..thanks