Book Review: Worlds Collide by S.M. McEachern

Title: Worlds Collide

Author: S.M. McEachern

Series: Sunset Rising (Book 2)

Publisher: Clownfish Publishing

Release Date: 2014


Book Summary:

In a desperate attempt to escape execution, Sunny O’Donnell and Jack Kenner find a way out of the Pit and into a world still believed to be toxic with radiation. Under the brilliant sun for the first time in their lives, they not only discover that the earth has healed from nuclear war, but there are people outside the Dome.

In Worlds Collide, the second book of the Sunset Rising trilogy, Sunny and Jack must continue a life of subterfuge in order to stay alive and find a way to free the Pit. But in their attempt to save the urchins, they uncover the horrifying truth about President Holt and the evil he could unleash on the world.

Heathers Review

I received a Beta copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.  

I absolutely loved this book! It takes place immediately after the events of the first book. I read the first book about a year ago and it took me no time at all to get my bearings and enjoy the book. I still love the characters, both Sunny and Jack have an amazing relationship – even when Sunny is in denial. I didn’t like two of the characters (no I wont say who to avoid any spoilers), but they do act in a way that makes sense for what they have been through – they just didn’t meet my first thought of them when originally brought up in the first book.

The plot and flow of the book are great. There are ups and downs and points where I genuinely could not put the book down. In fact when I did, because I had to work or eat or apparently sleep, I still thought about this book – there were many nights where I would have to force myself to put the book down to go to sleep only to think about it for another hour.

There is a twist that I did not expect and I welcomed it. Without putting in any spoilers, I think it’s necessary to stop. Overall, this book was great and I believe anyone who read the first one will be pleasantly surprised. I would recommend this series (and yes I believe there will be another book to follow) to anyone who likes dystopian worlds. I cannot recommend this book enough. Sunset Rising was one of my favourite reads when I read it back in 2013, and now Worlds Collide will be one of my top 10 from this year!

Rating: 5 stars – Loved It!! Worth buy and reading multiple times

Content:  A few swear words

                Talk of forced sexual favours (not in detail)

                Closed door sex between young married couple

Source: Personal Beta

This book is not yet published but S.M. McEachern is in her final stages and should be releasing it shortly.  Visit her website for further details.



  1. This looks good

  2. Thank you for the awesome review, Heather! I wanted to let you know that Worlds Collide is now available on Amazon.