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Reviews on I Am A Reader, Not A Writer:

I read, review & feature books that are “family friendly”. My definition of “family friendly” is books that are free of strong language (I really hate the F word, don’t even like the S word and am bother by the taking of the name of the Lord in vain), no gratuitous violence (blood and guts aren’t my thing) and no sex scenes (must be closed door or fade to black in adult titles, young adult titles cannot glorify sex & must show the consequences of pre-martial sex).

I prefer reading young adult, clean romance, Christian & LDS authors. I also have an interest in holistic health & wellness.

I have several associate reviewers who review for me. Your book may be reviewed by me, one of them or not at all. It depends on our review load and interest in the book provided. We only read books that appeal to us and hold our interest and unfortunately can only get to a very small fraction of what we are sent due to the overwhelming number of requests we receive.

I do maintain a list of other Book Bloggers who are looking for books to review. Please email me to ask for the list.

If you want to submit a book for review on I Am A Reader please fill out this form. Once you have filled out the form you are welcome to send a query to toobusyreading at Please attach pdf, ePub &/or Mobi files to that email.

*If you have previously submitted a book for review but never had it reviewed please resubmit your information to this form.

I do not review or feature: erotica, lgbt, poetry, horror, anything with suggestive cover, most memoirs, most non-fiction…