Are you a reader who would like to start reviewing books?

book reviewers

I’m looking for readers who would like to become regular reviewers on this blog. You can post reviews for the books you are currently reading (as long as they are “family friendly”) or review any of the ebooks I have been requested to review.

Including content in your reviews will be required (language, sex, violence).

Specifically I am looking for readers who enjoy reading middle grade, young adult, clean romance, LDS authors, etc.  The type of books I typically read and enjoy. If you are interested in being considered please fill out the form below.

If you already have an established book blog that you post to regularly this would not be a good fit.

I’m looking for readers who posts to amazon or goodreads or have those who have a floundering book blog or a family blog they occasionally post book reviews to. Someone who loves reading and sharing their love of books but doesn’t want the hassle of setting up, running and maintaining a blog.

There is a requirement of posting at least 2 reviews per month.



  1. Although I have not been mentioning language, etc. because unless otherwise staed in my reviews, all are clean family friendly. I will start to add these to my reviews. Thank you

  2. Heather Currie says:

    This is such a great opportunity! Hopefully I’ll get a chance to review for I am A Reader! Good luck to everyone!